Boris Brejcha

Boris Brejcha releases Cosmo-inspired track ‘Space X’: Listen

Space X‘ is a tribute to the event organised by Elon Musk and starring Boris Brejcha in 2021.

German Boris Brejcha’s releases are always received with great enthusiasm. The father of a minimal and mysterious sound, Brejcha always offers intricate and complex works, true stories told through music. This New Music Friday, Boris Brejcha releases the dramatic ‘Sapce X’ through his enigmatic label Fckng Serious, which exudes galactic magic.
You’ve heard the names Space X and Boris Brejcha together before. In October 2021, controversial tech mogul Elon Musk inaugurated the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin. For the occasion, he organised a big rave on the new premises. A rave that was more like a festival in view of the many feats. The main performer that evening was the masked artist Boris Brejcha. As a tribute to this unforgettable night, the music producer releases now the incredible ‘Space X’.

Boris Brejcha welcomes you to Space X in style with this dramatic, melodic mainstage track. The delicate and ethereal melodies whisk you away to a new world. A world full of fantasy, enchantment and magic. These are the characteristic sounds of Boris Brejcha and what his fans are so enthusiastic about. Progressive, dynamic, like a real journey, ‘Space X’ offers different rhythms throughout its course. It is a journey of discovery in the truest sense of the word, with the robotic voice taking the listener into another dimension. It is a purely electronic work full of incredible elements.

The release of the track happens simultaneously with the presentation of a fantastic music video directed by Boris Brejcha. It is the visual and faithful translation of all the sensations the track evokes and an interesting complement to the soundscape. It is another production by Boris Brejcha that will leave no one indifferent. It is really worth pressing play:

Image Credit: Boris Brejcha Press / Provided by Measure PR UK