Champagne Problems

Champagne Problems releases ‘Summer Nights’ via WALL Academy: Listen

Many artists and industry entities enjoy recognizing the anniversary of new platforms and projects as they watch the growth and evolution over time. With the release of Champagne Problems newest single, two momentous occasions are marked, both for the artist as well as the label behind the release.

The 26-year-old producer behind the new single Summer Nights is Chris Chadronet, better known as Champagne Problems, drops his brand new summer-ready single one year after his first official release hit platforms:

This release marks my one year as a producer since the first release I dropped. So proud of the progress I made and grateful to have WALL supporting me on this. My biggest release yet, turning a new page for me.

Marking one year of the project is a momentous moment for any artist and Champagne Problems delivers a fun and breezy anthem that is sure to resonate with fans around the world.  It is easy to hear the single added to playlists and radio as groups of friends ride around summer nights singing the refrain of “These are the best days of our lives!” with each other. Combined with the melodic house production, Summer Nights will easily translate to the dancefloor as well, and it is clear to see why the team at Afrojack’s WALL Academy would support the single.

Speaking of the label and anniversaries, Summer Nights also marks one month since WALL Academy was launched as a platform for up-and-coming producers to submit their music and get support and backing from one of the industry’s most prolific producers. Since launching, the platform has delivered singles from Max Robinson, VIKE, and Denero, and will continue to support and discover new talent for future release.  Producers looking to submit to WALL Academy should join Discord where they can find out all the details about the label and platform.

In the meantime, listen to Summer Nights out now.


Image Credit: Champagne Problems (Press) / Provided by WALL Recordings

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