Danny Eviza enlists Ruben Arthur for new single ‘Lost’: Listen

For many music producers, the path to electronic music derives from a series of events, influences, and curiosities as artists find their voice and hone their sound in the vast landscape of dance music. Italian producer Danny Eviza has always had a love for 80’s synthesizers and acid sounds, but only recently has he devoted his output to more house-styled releases.

With a history of studying sound engineering and sound design, as well as contributing to advertisers and commercials in need of music projects, Danny Eviza has had many opportunities to hone his skills and talents. For the single Lost, Danny Eviza teamed up with producer and vocalist Ruben Arthur, who delivers a hypnotic and beautiful topline that perfectly matches the dark, pulsing energy of the track. Discussing the creation of Lost and how it compares to his work on commercials, Eviza stated:

Working on a project means having deadlines and following defined guidelines. Companies often don’t know exactly what they want, in part you have to lead them yourself on your way, in other cases I’m inspired by the directors idea of the commercial video. Producing music for me, of course, has no limits and I’m freer to experiment. But I must say that the basic approach is very methodical in the same way for both situations. For example, for the construction of the piece I always start from a drum loop and a bassline. For the remaining part I have to imagine my commercial. “Lost” is a man who walks alone in an illuminated, frenetic city at night…everything goes too fast and no one cares about him.

With a plethora of talent and experience, Danny Eviza is primed to make a major impact on the dance music scene as he utilizes his expertise from the commercial industry to craft tracks that will appeal to a wide audience of listeners. Be sure to check out the hypnotic rhythms and melodies of Lost, out now.


Image Credit: Danny Eviza (Press) / Provided by Artist

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