Galantis unveils new era with ‘Bang Bang! (My Neurodivergent Anthem)’: Listen

Old style Galantis vibes are back with the unveil of ‘Bang Bang! (My Neurodivergent Anthem),’ which opens up a topic about ADHD, where Christian Karlsson says: “My brain has the motor of a Ferrari and the brakes of a bicycle, and the only way I had been able to sustain was by keeping it activated non-stop with music.”

Galantis, the musical project of Christian Karlsson, is back to kickstart a new era with the reveal of ‘Bang Bang! (My Neurodivergent Anthem).’ Not only does it feel like old school Galantis, bringing us back to the glory days, but some fans are calling it one of his best songs in years and for good reason. Not only is the new single catchy as we would expect, it also opens up an important topic of neurodiversity and ADHD, something personal to Karlsson who was diagnosed with it in his adult years.

In his full statement, Karlsson states:

“I wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until I was an adult, but had known for a long time that I was wired differently. The knowledge brought clarity to the chaos, yet it also led to a period of self doubt and confusion. My brain has the motor of a Ferrari and the brakes of a bicycle, and the only way I had been able to sustain was by keeping it activated non-stop with music. I quietly began a long trial and error process of medicating, trying to find a solution that worked for me – ‘Pharmacy’ wasn’t the name of the first Galantis album by coincidence.

Eventually I learned more about neurodiversity, and found myself to be part of a community that was living through experiences similar to my own. Every day I’m learning more about who I really am and how my brain works, it’s a comfort to be connected with people who are on that same journey. Neurodiversity encapsulates all the different variations of the human mind, none of us are alone or less than.

As humans, we’re all different. We look different, we sound different, and just like that – we think different. Music is about bringing people together, and I want to make songs that unite people and promote inclusivity among all types of mental divergence. I called ‘BANG BANG!’ my neurodivergent anthem because like the chorus echoes, ‘it’s in my head.’ These thoughts, these questions, these stigmas we work to erase. Letting go of what we’ve been conditioned to perceive as ‘normal’ and embracing our own unique identitiesIt’s the prescription I’ve been looking for.”

It’s set to be an exciting new era for Galantis, who after wiping out all social media is starting on a clean slate. Set to mark the full full-length project since 2020’s ‘Church,’ this has been long overdue for fans and we can’t wait to see where Galantis goes from here. ‘Bang Bang! (My Neurodivergent Anthem)’ is available to stream everywhere here.

Image credit: Tung Walsh / provided by Atlantic Records 

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