Glastonbury announces dates for 2024 festival

Glastonbury, the iconic music festival that captivates millions of music enthusiasts around the world, has confirmed its dates for the highly anticipated 2024 edition. True to its tradition, the festival will kick off the summer season, aligning with the mesmerizing Summer Solstice.

From Wednesday, June 26th to Sunday, June 30th, 2024, Worthy Farm in Pilton will once again transform into a haven for music lovers and festival-goers from all walks of life. As the final weekend of June draws near, anticipation mounts, and fans eagerly prepare for an unforgettable experience at one of the world’s most renowned music events.

While the launch of ticket sales for the 2024 festival has yet to be announced, organizers typically open sales in October or November, with a resale launch in the late spring. The demand for Glastonbury tickets remains extraordinarily high, as demonstrated by the lightning-fast sell-out of the 2023 edition. Last November, tickets for the festival vanished within a mere hour, followed by the resale tickets selling out in just six minutes in April. Therefore, aspiring festival-goers are advised to keep a close eye on updates to secure their chance to be part of the magic.

The 2023 installment of Glastonbury left an indelible mark on attendees’ memories, creating moments of pure musical bliss. Renowned electronic music acts such as Fatboy Slim, Fred again.., SHERELLE, The Chemical Brothers and many more took center stage, captivating audiences with their extraordinary performances. For nearly a week, fans reveled in the euphoria of live music, immersing themselves in a vibrant atmosphere that only Glastonbury can deliver.

Notably, this year’s festival also witnessed an unprecedented surge in digital viewership. Record-breaking numbers of people tuned in from the comfort of their homes to witness the magic unfold. Glastonbury 2023 shattered previous digital audience records, with a staggering 50.3 million streams on BBC iPlayer and BBC Sounds combined, representing an astounding 47% increase compared to 2022.

On BBC iPlayer alone, viewers streamed sets and exclusive Glastonbury programming from Worthy Farm an astonishing 47.5 million times, marking a significant 49% rise from the previous year. Additionally, on BBC Sounds, listeners indulged in Glastonbury content 2.8 million times, reflecting a commendable 26% increase compared to the previous edition. These extraordinary figures affirm the festival’s enduring global appeal and its ability to transcend physical boundaries, enabling music lovers worldwide to partake in the Glastonbury experience.

As the countdown begins for the 2024 Glastonbury festival, anticipation and excitement continue to build. With its remarkable lineup of musical talent, enchanting atmosphere, and boundless energy, Glastonbury remains a pinnacle of the festival scene. Whether attendees witness the magic in person or through the digital realm, one thing is certain: Glastonbury 2024 promises to be an unforgettable celebration of music, community, and the arrival of summer.



Image Credit: Czampal via Wikimedia Commons | License: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)


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