Jordan John takes listeners on a sonic journey on ‘Who Is Jordan John’: Listen

For producers and songwriters, their music is meant to bring their audience on a journey, providing a sonic escape that evokes emotions and becomes the defining soundtrack to moments in life. With his latest release, Jordan John looks to bring listeners to a hypnotic jungle state as his rhythms and production explore the sound and style inspired by the jungles of Tulum.

Across ten brand new productions, Jordan John stays true to his roots and his vision of the Mexican jungle, ebbing and flowing like the trails and waterways of a jungle, the music on Who Is Jordan John is beautiful and all-encompassing in its delivery.  For John, he not only wanted to provide images of the hypnotic jungle, but also deliver an album that contained the energy and feel of a live set despite being a studio production. The final product surpasses those expectations with support by Damian Lazarus, Bedouin Solomun and here is what Steve Lawler had to say who signed the track to his label, eVIVE Recordings:

“I signed this immediately upon hearing the whole album, such an incredible piece of work, the production on this record is of the highest level. Jordan John is going to be a name to watch out for! I’m extremely happy I can put this record out on my eVIVE Recordings”

Set to release on June 30th via Beatport before releasing to all other streaming platforms on July 14th, Who Is Jordan John truly showcases a producer who is at the top of his game, as the crisp final product allows the different soundscapes to mesh together, providing the sonic feel and elements which John set out to deliver. As John continues to rise in the melodic techno scene, this new album is sure to be a benchmark for both his future output and the entire genre.

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Image Credit: Jordan John (Press) / Provided by Aryeh Mngmt

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