KURA joins forces with Vedenzo for electrifying new track ‘Step One’: Listen

Blessing us all with a collaboration for the ages. KURA and Vedenzo have joined forces for the release of ‘Step One.’ “Tried and tested in a lot of venues, ‘Step One’ is definitely a highlight on my sets, we are so happy with the end result and hopefully everyone can enjoy it as much as we do,” KURA says

Bringing the heat with this latest collaboration, KURA and Vedenzo have joined forces in the most immersive of manners, with the end product being nothing short of spectacular. Oozing with energy throughout, ‘Step One‘ will have listeners out of their seats and straight onto the nearest dance-floor in no time at all, as both set of artists’ have combined their respective talents in a manner that will scintillate even the toughest of crowds. Blending House, Tech House and Bass House in a truly unique fashion, ‘Step One’ acts as a true testament to the undeniable musical prowess of both acts, with Vedenzo himself eagerly awaiting this very day, as “for more than two years I have been waiting to release ‘Step One.'”

The perfect fusion of KURA’s signature energy and Vedenzo’s melodic sensibilities, ‘Step One’ will have you feeling some type of way from start to finish. Taking the dance scene by storm, one fire track at a time, KURA has been gaining the support of some of the biggest names within our scene, and with a constant presence amongst the very top places of the charts, the Portuguese DJ/Producer ensures nothing less than the most feel-good and higly-energetic of vibes. Contrasting in their approach towards music production, Vedenzo opts for a more old-school vibe with each of his releases, as the Ukrainian DJ/Producer draws inspiration from the golden era of the 90s, and the ever-so melodic sounds that captivate audiences worlwide. Combining their styles of play on numerous occasions, it is fair to say that each of their collaborations have resulted in ultimate hits, and this latest one is no different. Opening up further more on ‘Step One,’ KURA stated the following;

“Vedenzo and I have collaborated on a lot of tracks, we share the same taste in music and we decided to make a new track, that combined the vibes of 90s house music and something new and unique that could combine chunky beats and big energy. Tried and tested in a lot of venues, ‘Step One’ is definitely a highlight on my sets, we are so happy with the end result and hopefully everyone can enjoy it as much as we do.”

Destined for nothing less than ultimate success, ‘Step One’ is now under Afrojack’s WALL Recordings, with this collaboration for the ages ready to reach a global audience in no time at all. A certified hit on our books, we will be keeping a close eye on both KURA and Vedenzo and all their future endeavours within our community, but in the meantime, be sure to check out ‘Step One’ in all its glory below, whilst streaming is also available through all major platforms here. Don’t forget to also leave your own thoughts in the comments section. Enjoy


Image Credit: KURA (Press) / Provided by WALL Recordings

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