Low Steppa

Low Steppa tells us about his summer and house music in our new Hot & Current: Exclusive

I will always try to create a party’ says Low Steppa in this week’s Hot & Current interview.

Low Steppa has his roots in Birmingham, but his branches extend to Ibiza and other appetising destinations in the clubbing world. In 2013, he taught everyone his name when he showcased his approach to Route 94‘s incredible ‘My Love‘. This was the beginning of an exciting journey that never slows down and knows no boundaries. Low Steppa also became a fixture on the radio, with highlights on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Kiss FM and also Rinse FM. He quickly became one of the hottest names in house music of his generation, blazing a trail for a refreshing bass house. His label, Simma Black, cemented itself early on as one of the most respected imprints in the scene, consistently scoring high in the charts. Low Steppa is also a valuable element of the Defected family and a fire that never goes out in the booth or the studio. We at We Rave You wanted to find out where his flame comes from and spoke to Low Steppa this week on Hot & Current.


Hello Low Steppa and thank you for joining us on this Hot & Current. How is 2023 treating you so far?

Hello, thanks for having me! It’s been non-stop so far, thank you! I have had loads of shows in the last few weeks, including 2 weeks in the US now. But I love being busy, so that’s fine with me.

In April you were part of the Printworks farewell shows with Defected. What was it like saying goodbye to such an iconic venue?

We had such a great night. It really is a great venue and the Defected crowd was on point, it was a good send-off. I am worried that we are going to lose all our venues.

Speaking of Defected, another takeover of house music in Ibiza has begun. How are your Fridays at Eden going?

Eden has been going off so far this year. We’ve started June with such a vibe. We had Eats Everything, Sam Divine, Ferreck Dawn and Dunmore Brothers as well. I think it was my favourite party music-wise, all the sets flowed from one to another and everyone fed off the DJ before.

What are your plans and expectations for this summer?

I just want to spread good house music and show people my vibe. I’ve got some really exciting shows coming up in places like Italy and the Netherlands.

You brought an unbeatable vibe with your guest mix. These mixes are insane. Do you energise the crowd or does the crowd energise you?

Thank you! This is a good question. For me, I do feed off the crowd massively and I do really love the crowds in the USA so I’m loving it right now here. I will always try to create a party but I do love it when the crowd is just really up for it and noisy!

If you had to choose, studio our booth?

Booth! I would have answered differently maybe a few years ago but for now, it’s booth!

Your guest mix features your track ‘The Feeling‘, one of the releases of the year on your label Simma Black. How do you characterize the sound of the label? What are the requirements?

I do think we are more open now with different vibes. It used to be deeper house and jackin vibes with a garage flavour but it really can be anything now if we all buzz off it. ‘The Feeling’ for instance is a festival tune to me.

House music continues to attract all generations. What is behind this magic?

Real house music is built on rhythm. Trends come and go, as some certain synths or styles. Proper house is about the groove and we will always feel the groove simple as that. Timeless and it will outlast all the fads.

What surprises does Low Steppa have in store for us until the end of the year?

I hope just lots of music that you will all love! I’m also doing a few special all-night-long shows. It’s all about longer sets.

Finally, for you, what’s Hot & Current in the scene right now?

Off the top of my head, Sam Curran is making some mint stuff. Crusy and Dompe too. Watch out for these guys!


Now get your dance moves ready and listen to this bubbling exclusive guest mix:




Image Credit: Low Steppa (Press) / Provided by Artist