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Marshall Jefferson ‘Move Your Body’ has been played on repeat for a month by Ohio man: Watch

An annoyed resident in Lima, Ohio, has reported a peculiar situation where a man has been incessantly playing ‘Move Your Body’ by Marshall Jefferson on repeat at his home for more than a month.

The concerned neighbor, known as @angels_fall81 on TikTok, has been documenting daily updates on the social media platform since the start of June, highlighting the ongoing issue that has been causing frustration for weeks.

Sharing a TikTok video earlier this month, @angels_fall81 posed a question to fellow users: “How many of you have a neighbor who relentlessly plays the same song, nonstop, 24/7? What should I do about this problem?”

In the video, @angels_fall81 captured footage of the house in question, where the sound of ‘Move Your Body‘ blared loudly from across the street. A sign displaying the words “Beware, I play my music loud” added to the exasperation. Seeking assistance from followers, @angels_fall81 pleaded for help in resolving the situation.

@angels_fall81 update on neighbor!!!! #HELP #comunity #policewonthelp #songonrepeat #neighborproblems ♬ original sound – 🔥Angel’s Fall ©🔥

The following day, a different song could be heard playing repeatedly from the house, offering a glimmer of hope. However, it didn’t take long before ‘Move Your Body’ resumed its dominant presence. A video from @angels_fall81 carried the caption, “Just when you thought it was over.”


@angels_fall81 LPD please do something about this!!! #HELP #comunity #policewonthelp #songonrepeat #neighborproblems ♬ original sound – 🔥Angel’s Fall ©🔥


In a recent update, @angels_fall81 shared another video showing Lima Police walking away from the man’s residence after successfully silencing the music. Grateful, @angels_fall81 can be heard expressing appreciation to the police, saying, “God bless you guys!”



Image Credit: Marshall Jefferson (Press) / Courtesy of Neighbourhood PR


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