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Mesa & Boss team up with Castor & Pollux for ‘System’: Listen

The collaborative spirit of dance music is inspiring as it brings together artists and producers from all over the world who are able to share ideas and create exciting new tracks without having to share a studio space.  The duos of Castor & Pollux and Mesa & Boss are showcasing the incredible results that come from these types of collaborative projects.

Bringing together the New York-based twins, Castor & Pollux, as well as the Texas duo of Kenneth Boss and Joe Mesa, better known as simply Mesa & Boss, the two production teams find common ground through their hard-hitting styles and attention to detail.  On their new release, System, listeners are immediately confronted with a stuttering array of leads and percussion as a robotic voice states the title of the track before the full power of the production takes over.  This is a single meant for the clubs and dancefloors which both duos command regularly, and offers a pure shot of adrenaline as the bass and percussion pour out of the speakers.

Discussing the scene that first connected Castor & Pollux with Mesa & Boss, the former recalls their time in Amsterdam together:

“After meeting at ADE in Amsterdam in 2022, we both knew that we needed to get in the studio together to start pumping out some tunes.
Inspired by all of the energy and amazing sounds that we heard throughout the week of Amsterdam Dance Event, we set our sights on Revealed Recordings with no intention of looking back.  We decided to take Bigroom Techno and push the envelope a little bit further by incorporating fat acid synths, heavy bigroom stabs, and driving bass lines.  Jeffrey Sutorious heard our sound and scooped us up into the Revealed family through BODYWRMR. This will be the first of many collabs that we do together.”

With the unrelenting force of System, fans around the world will surely be looking forward to future works from these two exciting production duos.



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