Mikrodot drops explosive new ‘Are U Mad EP’: Listen

American producer Mikrodot is crafting his own lane through his minimalistic production style and sound design. Bringing together a combination of minimalist production, world instruments, and dub-influenced productions, he has crafted a sound and style all his own.

Mikrodot has been growing his influence across the electronic music landscape and has seen a strong push thanks to DUPLOC’s support, including a recent release on BLXCK TAPES VOL. 3 and now returns to the label for this newest collection of tracks. As an artist, Mikrodot cares as much for the community and the positive energy that he injects into his productions as he does the works themselves, hoping to craft art that lifts the human spirit while offering a wide range of emotions from contemplative to aggressive. The sound and atmosphere of the music are clear right from the start of the EP’s opening track, Zion. As the subtle bass hits and pulsing lead introduce the single, listeners are taken on a minimalistic journey before the percussion and bass truly solidify themselves.

As the second track Paranormal begins, the production still starts sparse, but is more constructed than the opener, providing a strong musical journey that is seamless and engaging across the tracks. This leads into the collection’s title track, Are U Mad, and the world instruments and inspiration are on full display here as Mikrodot utilizes a variety of percussive instruments to compliment that wave of “wubs” that define the track. Finally, the EP ends with the appropriately titled track, Game Over.  A stripped-down collection of percussion introduces the album closer before the pulsing bass lead helps it build to full force.

While the dubstep sounds of the Are U Mad EP certainly provide the energy and edge that the genre is known for, Mikrodot expertly combines them with his own style and atmosphere that make this album meditative and subtle at the same time.

Image Credit: Mikrodot | Provided by GetIn! PR

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