Modjo - Lady (Hear Me Tonight)

Modjo ‘Lady (Hear Me Tonight)’ surges back to the Beatport charts, defying time with a 23-year comeback

Modjo infectious dance anthem “Lady (Hear Me Tonight)” has defied the passage of time and resurfaced on the Beatport charts, an impressive 23 years after its original release.

This remarkable resurgence not only showcases the enduring allure of the track but also highlights the outstanding achievements and profound impact of Modjo’s iconic record.

Back in 2000, Modjo, the talented French duo comprising Romain Tranchart and Yann Destagnol, unleashed their musical masterpiece, “Lady (Hear Me Tonight).” Infusing elements of disco, funk, and house, the track immediately seized the attention of audiences worldwide. Featuring an irresistible sample from Chic’s classic hit “Soup for One,” the soulful vocals and infectious melodies of “Lady (Hear Me Tonight)” struck a chord that resonated deeply with music aficionados across the globe.

Unparalleled Triumph and Chart Domination: “Lady (Hear Me Tonight)” swiftly conquered the charts, ascending to unprecedented heights and solidifying its position as a global sensation. The track achieved unparalleled success, soaring to number one in numerous countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and Italy. Its irresistible rhythm and timeless appeal made it an absolute staple in clubs and radio stations, etching its place in the hearts of listeners worldwide.


Source: Beatport


Over two decades later, “Lady (Hear Me Tonight)” continues to bask in a well-deserved limelight, celebrated for its infectious energy and undeniable charm. The iconic hooks and unforgettable chorus of the track have secured its enduring popularity, ensuring its perpetual presence in DJ sets, parties, and nostalgic playlists. The track’s longevity can be attributed to its timeless sound, which effortlessly transports listeners back to the vibrant era of early 2000s dance music.

Without a doubt, “Lady (Hear Me Tonight)” holds an illustrious place in the annals of dance music history. Its phenomenal success paved the way for subsequent French house acts and left an indelible mark on the electronic music scene.

Relive the French house masterpiece below:



Image Credit: Modjo

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