ODESZA at Seattle 2022

ODESZA announce psychedelic indie dance EP and release new single

Seattle-based duo ODESZA has raised excitement throughout their fanbase with the recent announcement of their new EP. Their new music is highly anticipated because of their huge name in the electronic music scene.

Flaws in Our Design, their new EP, is going to showcase ODESZA’s exploration into the world of psychedelic indie dance. They have always been known for their ability to mix various genres and musical elements into their work, so this original music will definitely be a hit.

This EP is inspired by the pushing of boundaries beyond the genre labels that exist. ODESZA aims to create a musical journey for their fans that can be described as the same perception of psychedelic indie dance. Listeners can expend a blend of melodies, rhythms, and instruments that go perfectly together. To give listeners an idea of what to expect, they released their single “Heavier”. This song is a collab with Cape Town-based artist “Yellow House”.

“He lends his vocals on the track as ODESZA stay true to their word and deliver what can only be described as psychedelic indie-dance.”

– Mike Ali / Thissongissick

Fans that have listened to this song will definitely have an idea of what’s to come, and it’s really good!

ODESZA’s success over the years can be credited not only to their amazing musical talent but also to their ability to connect with their fans on a deep level. Their music makes its way into the hearts of listeners, which brings out emotions and creates a sense of connection. With their upcoming EP, they continue to become proof that it’s possible to blend different types of music. “Flaws in Our Design” will feature elements of psychedelic and indie-dance music. As they continue to explore new sounds, they will prove why they are paving the way to mixing genres.

Listen to “Heavier” now!

Image Credit: Julian Bajsel / Provided by LiveNation

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