AI Revives Beatles Unreleased Demo for 2023 Release
Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney discusses using AI for unreleased Beatles track

Anticipation among Beatles fans continues to build as news of a forthcoming new song scheduled for release in 2023. Paul McCartney, recently took to Twitter to address the growing excitement and shed light on the project. In his tweet, McCartney clarified that the song was not artificial or synthetic but rather the result of utilizing the latest advancements in technology. Extracting audio from a demo deemed ‘unusable’ in the 1990s.

The origins of this hidden gem can be traced back to a cassette that Yoko Ono reportedly offered the band following the tragic assassination of John Lennon. In 1990, two tracks from the cassette were released, giving fans a taste of what lay within. However, the third track remained elusive due to its poor audio quality, rendering it unusable.

Thanks to the leaps and bounds made in AI technology, a new door has been opened. Allowing producers to employ sophisticated techniques in extracting audio and refining and enhancing demos. This ground-breaking process enables the creation of a clearer sound. Making it possible for the once-unusable track to finally see the light of day.

Fans and music enthusiasts around the world eagerly await the unveiling of this lost treasure. The ability of AI to resurrect and enhance recordings from the past. Showcasing the remarkable possibilities that technology can offer to the world of music. The forthcoming Beatles song represents a nostalgic journey for fans.

Paul McCartney’s tweet aimed to clarify any confusion surrounding the forthcoming Beatles project. He acknowledged the enthusiasm surrounding the announcement and reassured fans that the new song would not feature anything artificial or synthetic. McCartney emphasized that the recording process primarily involved enhancing the quality of existing audio material. Confirming producers had not allowed AI to create something entirely new. He further revealed that the cleaning-up process has been ongoing for years. The improved version will be released later this year.

The genesis of the rumored song, “Now and Then,” can be traced back to a three-track cassette tape gifted to the Beatles by Yoko Ono. This cassette, later incorporated into the Beatles Anthology, contained two released tracks and one elusive track, “Now and Then,” which remained unsalvageable due to limited technological capabilities at the time. Paul McCartney previously mentioned in a 1997 interview with Oprah Winfrey that the band abandoned the track because George Harrison described it as “Fucking Rubbish.” George did not agree with the Beatles being a “Democracy.”

The recent success of Peter Jackson’s eight-hour documentary series on the Beatles inspired McCartney to revisit the dormant “Now and Then” track using AI technology. Leveraging AI capabilities, the documentary team was able to extract the voices from the background noise. Making the footage usable. This breakthrough prompted Paul McCartney to consider releasing “Now and Then” by utilizing similar AI techniques. Improving the audio quality and extracting the vocals from the existing recordings.

In a recent BBC interview, McCartney expressed both excitement and concern about AI’s impact on music. He described it as “scary” but acknowledged its potential as an exciting frontier. McCartney believes that artists are currently grappling with the challenges posed by AI and its influence on the future of music. As the technology continues to evolve, the music industry will undoubtedly navigate uncharted territory. Only time will reveal its true implications.

Paul McCartney’s clarification regarding the new Beatles song created with the help of AI has provided insight into the project’s nature and dispelled some misconceptions. The use of AI to enhance existing audio and extract vocals from old recordings. Highlighting the evolving capabilities of technology in the music industry. While controversies surrounding AI’s intrusion into creative processes persist, the excitement and possibilities offered by this technological advancement are undeniable. As the release of the new Beatles song draws nearer, fans eagerly anticipate the revitalized track that will transport them back to the timeless brilliance of the Fab Four.

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