Ritmo 'Roots'

Ritmo unveils awe-inspiring album ‘Roots’: Listen

Blessing us all with a body of work for the ages, Ritmo has just unveiled his third studio album, entitled ‘Roots.’ Consisting of nine tracks that will leave anyone in awe, this one album that you do not want to miss out on discovering. “Each track is a story on its own, but when combined, they create a larger narrative that speaks to the album’s overarching theme – roots,” Ritmo says

Taking listeners on the most awe-inspiring of musical journeys, Ritmo (real name Dubi Dagan) has just unveiled his third studio album, in the form of ‘Roots.’ Diving deep into his own heritage, and the impact that music can have on a living pressence, this latest body of work will have anyone feeling some type of way throughout its entirety. As the album title entails, Ritmo has taken inspiration from his roots, and at the same time, each of the nine featured tracks, look into the intricate connection between music and nature, resulting in the most organic of end products. Including various natural elements and sounds, ‘Roots’ further showcases the undeniable musical prowess of this artist to watch, whilst his attention to detail, has left us all mesmerised once again.

Diversifying his style of play on the most constant of levels, Ritmo takes pride not only on his immense capabilities of producing music that leaves a lasting impact, but also on the fact that his euphoric sound(s) derive from within, as he has been able encapture his own life experiences through each of his endeavours. Leaving no doubt to the imagination, each of his productions focus directly on a variety of rhythms and melodies, whilst his signature Progressive Trance sound, has been heard on a worldwide scale, through both the millions of streams that his tracks amass on the daily, but also through his live performances at events and festivals on a year in and year out basis. Ensuring nothing less than the most euphoric of vibes, ‘Roots’ acts as a true testament of the hard work and dedication that Ritmo strives to achieve, whilst the transitions discovered through each track, have resulted in a pure trance experience, with the most organic and natural of elements.

“When envisioning the album, I aimed to create a contemporary blend of my musical roots and influences. The title ‘Roots’ represents this connection to the past, while infusing it with a fresh sound for the present. Notably, the album took shape during the COVID-19 pandemic, which became a deep-rooted journey for me, spending unprecedented time with my family. ‘Roots’ reflects both my musical heritage and personal experiences during this transformative period.” – Ritmo

Out now under Iboga Records, ‘Roots’ promises nothing less than the most euphoric of vibes, whilst the clear effect of its track, will be visible from the offset. From the opening track ‘Simplest C,’ to the ever-so addictive ‘Organic Rhytm‘ and ‘Owl Dance,’ and ultimately the title track itself, ‘Roots,’ Ritmo has incorporated an array of musical and natural elements, in a manner that will have anyone begging for more. Elevating the whole project to even further heights, artist Daniel Philosoph has created the most fitting of visuals, as the album cover and the images of each track, fit perfectly with the whole concept of the album, and everything that Ritmo has set out to portray. With this in mind, be sure to check out the album in its entirety below, whilst streaming is also available through all major platforms here. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Ritmo / Provided by Press

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