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Sigrid Rosier delivers hypnotic debut album ‘Trinity’: Listen

The beauty of music is how it extends past borders and boundaries to bring together people, cultures, and styles through the sonic experience.  Producer Sigrid Rosier demonstrates the seemingly endless possibilities of sound and style through her unique combination of electronic music elements alongside Gregorian chants.

Having begun releasing music in 2021, Sigrid Rosier has quickly found an audience for her incredible productions and soundscapes having amassed hundreds of thousands of streams online for her five singles to date.  Now Rosier returns with a full slate of new tracks making up her anxiously awaited debut album, Trinity.  Over the course of eight tracks, she continues to expand upon her sound while creating a focused work that demands listeners’ attention across its full 30 minutes of run time.  Opening up with the chant-focused track Archons, the album quickly showcases the lack of fear in focusing the music around a general niche style of vocals such as the Gregorian chants.

While the combination of chants and techno beats and rhythms seems odd at first, Sigrid Rosier has truly mastered her craft, creating tracks that seemingly flow between the two styles, connecting them at points that are interesting and engaging without ever feeling forced.  As the album continues, Gidora brings in additional work from Trstn before the album’s highlight, Wallfacer takes over.  Wallfacer continues with the dark, ambient techno sounds of Trinity, but features a hauntingly beautiful vocal topline from Rosier, making it as close to a “pop” track as she has produced in her still early career.

While so much of the electronic music scene is rooted in big drops and mainstage productions, Sigrid Rosier is crafting music that can hold space in a variety of environments.  As the techno beats would certainly inspire many on the dance floor of clubs around the world, the ambiance and space of the album also make it ideal for more contemplative moments of life, where the music helps guide a listener through their own emotions.

Be sure to check out Trinity from Sigrid Rosier out now.




Image Credit: Danny Eviza Press by Tristan Wang / Provided by Comtazic

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