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Speaker Boy delivers exciting new single ‘Again’: Listen

Speaker Boy has certainly had one of the most unique and inspiring ascents through the music industry in recent years. Having spent time in homeless shelters and struggling with access to production equipment, the Venezuelan producer is finding his footing and looking to make a massive impact in 2023.

Following up on his single Midnight which hit streaming services back in February, Speaker Boy delivers a brand new house anthem titled Again. From the opening lyric of, “I wish that we were young and strong again,” the track oozes swagger and confidence through every measure as the melodic topline perfectly sits atop the bed of synths and bass that Speaker Boy has crafted for the production. With a prolonged gap between his last album and earlier single this year, Speaker Boy has dealt with his own internal struggles to craft music and he discusses the process for his most recent release:

Honestly, there was a moment of its composition that I was so exhausted that the ideas I wanted for the track did not come out that I even thought about deleting it, luckily I persisted in finishing it, and after I finished doing it, it was inevitable that some would come out tears, not only because of the good track I had made, but because it was my return to music

Although the vocal line is what will first grab the listener, Speaker Boy delivers a Deep House styled drop that is equally as engaging as the topline, showcasing the producers strong style and attention to detail in the studio.  With his personal struggles detailed in the press, his every release is a success not just of music but of the human spirit.  Overcoming a stretch of time in homeless shelters while staying focuses mentally on the beautiful music in his head reveals the determination and talent of Speaker Boy.

Check out Again out now.

Image Credit: Speaker Boy (Press) / Provided by Artist

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