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Steve Aoki timeless remix of ‘Pursuit Of Happiness’ climbs on Beatport’s charts

Steve Aoki remix of “Pursuit Of Happiness” has resurfaced as a powerful force in the electronic music landscape, conquering Beatport’s Top 100 charts more than a decade after its initial release.

With a track that transcends time and captivates listeners, Steve Aoki reinterpretation of Kid Cudi’s iconic anthem has breathed new life into dancefloors worldwide, rekindling the spirit of euphoria that made the original song a sensation.

The Remix That Resonates: Originally released in 2009, “Pursuit Of Happiness” by Kid Cudi became an instant hit, blending alternative hip-hop with introspective lyrics and a catchy melody. However, it was Steve Aoki’s remix of the track that added an electrifying dance music twist to the song, amplifying its impact within the EDM community. Aoki’s keen ear for remixing turned the introspective anthem into an explosive dancefloor banger, injecting it with an infectious energy that resonated with both fans of Kid Cudi and avid electronic music enthusiasts.


Kid Cudi - Pursuit Of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix)

Source: Beatport


Aoki’s remix of “Pursuit Of Happiness” not only showcases his production prowess but also represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of dance music. By fusing elements of electro house, progressive house, and festival-ready energy, Aoki transformed the original song into a bona fide dancefloor anthem. This remix laid the groundwork for the fusion of genres, contributing to the rise of electronic music’s mainstream popularity.

Moreover, Aoki’s reinterpretation opened doors for collaborations between artists from different musical realms, blurring the lines between genres and enabling fruitful crossovers. It became a defining moment in the DJ-producer’s career, establishing him as a remix maestro capable of breathing new life into well-known tracks and introducing them to a wider audience.

Relive the classic remix of Steve Aoki below:


Image Credit: Steve Aoki (Press) / Courtesy of Shore Fire Media

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