The Blessed Madonna and Jacob Lusk Unveil Soulful House Track 'Mercy’
The Blessed Madonna

The Blessed Madonna enlists Jacob Lusk for new single, ‘Mercy’: Listen

The Blessed Madonna and Jacob Lusk unveil the soulful house track, Mercy.

Mercy The Blessed Madonna has teamed up with the Motown falsetto sensation, Jacob Lusk, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, and The House Gospel Choir to deliver a soul-stirring masterpiece titled Mercy. Disco-House Production combined with ‘Marvin Gaye reminiscent’ Vocal Talent. This dynamic team has created a track that seamlessly blends elements of the Apostolic Gospel with four a-floor commercial house beat, captivating from the very first organ synth.

The Blessed Madonna: Having made waves in the music scene featured on Fred Again’s hit track and namesake “Marea”  The Blessed Madonna continues to solidify her position as an innovative figure in the dance music realm. Recognized for her advocacy of music past and present. Producing beats and Melodies that have international attention from the most esteemed industry leaders. Mercy demonstrates her prowess as a musical maestro. In a recent interview, Marea said

I’m interested in the dichotomy of the sacred and the ordinary in song writing. Agony and ecstasy. A song about love and heartbreak can still be a deeply spiritual piece of work. I began by thinking about what love is for me in my life and arrived at the simple idea that it was at its core a promise not just to live but to forgive. Love is Mercy. Over many revisions and with the developments that came from working with Jacob and the rest of the many people who came together to make this record a reality, the idea deepened and we found exactly the sweet spot between the church and the dance floor that I was looking for. The gospel influence is intentional and undeniable. I thought in particular about the sculpture The ecstasy of St Theresa which is an incredibly rich image that feels as carnal as it does holy. This is my conception of god: those moments where we are humbled by a love so big that we can’t imagine being worthy of it or worthy of the kind of acceptance and mercy we feel.

Stepping into the spotlight in the 2010 season of American Idol, Jacob Lusk’s unmistakable vocal stylings pay homage to the golden era of Motown. Drawing comparisons to legendary artists such as Marvin Gaye, Lusk’s voice possesses a rare quality that effortlessly captures the essence of soulful music. Notably, he is also one-third of the celebrated group ‘Gabriel’s,’ a band endorsed by none other than the iconic Elton John.

A powerful revival of contemporary gospel. The psychedelic intro features an Apostolic Gospel Organ, Mercy embarks on a faith-filled journey. The opening phrase of the track invokes the nostalgic ambiance of a Sunday morning song service, setting the stage for what unfolds.

As Mercy verse unfolds, Jacob Lusk’s captivating vocals take center stage, infusing the track with his signature Motown falsetto. The perfect disco clap and rhythmic Boogie Nights sounding bass guitar, create a flawless 4-to-the-floor disco/house fusion that transports listeners to the Xanadu-roller-discotheque era.

A standout moment in Mercy The Blessed Madonna is the captivating breakdown, The House Gospel Choir emerges. The thunderous boom clap, coupled with the absence of percussive elements. Influenced perhaps by Jacob Lusk`s experience conducting the choir at his Compton church for the last decade. It’s as if the choir is collectively stamping their feet on wooden floorboards, adding a raw human and organic touch that offers a live music feeling.

With each passing moment, Mercy showcases exceptional artistry. The track’s soul vibration and lyrics make you want to lean into Jacobs voice, a testament to the creative chemistry between these two musical powerhouses. Elton John has hailed the Gabriels as one of his most notable musical groups of the last decade, and Mercy stands as a prime example of Jacob Lusk’s immense vocal talent.

The outro of Mercy provides a fitting conclusion, resembling the end of a choir rehearsal, distant banter, and friends decompressing after song practice. The collective energy dissipates, leaving listeners in a state of introspection.

Mercy by The Blessed Madonna is a harmonious collaboration, showcasing their shared passion for soulful sounds and masterful storytelling. With its nostalgic nods to Motown, disco beats, and the power of a full-room choir, the track leaves an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of listeners. It’s a testament to the timeless magic of inspiring music and the transcendent experience it can create. Watch the NEW! Mercy Music Video released June 22nd on youtube here.

Image Credit: The Blessed Madonna (Press) / Provided by  Warner Music Group

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