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Universal Music Group releases album compilation of sped-up tracks in response to Tik Tok trend

In response to its success on Tik Tok, Universal Music Group has recently released a new compilation album that consists of tracks that are sped up.

As social media continues to become more prevalent in the world each day, it continues to alter one industry drastically, the music industry. Trends on apps such as Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter have caused how we think about creating music and releasing it in a completely new way. Tik Tok more so than any other platform has heavily influenced these decisions. Songs have now become shorter in response to the trends on the app. One of the biggest trends that is currently causing a wave is the speeding up of songs. The #spedupsounds hashtag has now gained over 17.8 billion views on Tik Tok. This viral sensation has caused certain music companies to alter their approach to focusing on this space, including Universal Music Group, as they just recently released their newest compilation on Spotify in response to this trend, Sped Up Songs: Official Remixes from Viral Creators and Speed Radio.’

Speed Radio currently has 10.3 million monthly listeners, and the album itself has already gained tens of millions of listens by itself. The album is a “groundbreaking creator collective,” according to a press release that features some of the most notable tracks from world-renowned artists over the past years. UMG has also partnered with some of the most popular Tik Tok remixers such as Tristan Olsen, Kuya Magik, ex7stence and Esteve.

“We’re excited to share this compilation of some of today’s most popular tracks that highlight the music creator community responsible for driving viral trends across media platforms. Since its start, Speed Radio has been dedicated to artists and creators as the only legitimate collective that provides a path to commercial releases for creator mixes with co-signs from superstar artists such as The Weeknd, Kim Petras and Sam Smith. We work hard to celebrate the human artistry behind these songs and will continue to shine a light on the incredible talent behind this inspiring music.” – Mike Biggane, Global EVP, Music Strategies and Tactics, UMG. 

This is a trend that you can expect to only grow in popularity as it has been found that some sped-up tracks get even more interaction than the original such as R&B artist Miguel who released a sped-up version of his 2010 single, “Sure Thing,” in which it made the Billboard Top 20 at #15 over ten years later. 

Listen to the entire, ‘Sped Up Songs: Official Remixes from Viral Creators and Speed Radio,’ album below. 

Image Credit: Solen Feyissa / Unsplash

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