Agent O and Vermyllion

Agent O and Vermyllion release hard-hitting four track EP ‘Ultra Instinct’: Listen

Two of Chicago’s most respected underground bass producers have joined forces for a hard-hitting new collection of tracks that will surely make an impact well beyond the confines of the local scene. Featuring four productions, Agent O and Vermyllion have crafted the Ultra Instinct EP with a non-stop barrage of speaker-shaking bass and neck-breaking rhythms.

Both rising from the Chicago underground music scene, Agent-O and Vermyllion clearly speak well musically as they both contribute to the collection, providing both spaces as well as enhancing each other’s contributions throughout the EP. Vermyllion discussed the joy of collaborating with his fellow Chicagoan, as they came together to craft each track:

“Agent O and I are incredibly excited to unveil our highly anticipated EP to the dance music community. We meticulously and carefully curated a distinctive and seamless auditory journey, resulting in a final product we’re truly proud of. Drawing emphasis on a robust and fluid low-end foundation, these meticulously crafted compositions are created to be enjoyed through large sound systems. We invite you to immerse yourself in these thoughtfully designed bass anthems, a testament to our passion and creativity, as we transmit our heartfelt expressions directly from our minds to your ears.”

Opening the Ultra Instinct EP, fans will instantly recognize the iconic vocal sample from Disclosure’s When A Fire Starts To Burn, as the two utilize in between in their bass and percussion to ground the track and offer familiarity to the introduction, but from there, the rest of the work is purely that of Agent-O and Vermyllion as they delivery a hard-hitting track that serves a perfect introduction. From there, Salvage slows things down at the start, but listeners have a mere 30 seconds to catch their breath before they are hit with more heavy rhythms. The second half of the EP offers Bounce Back and the title track, continuing the musical style of the album, but ensuring that the melodies and orchestration evolve to keep the listener engaged.

While the Ultra Instinct EP certainly hits hard no matter where you listen to it, it will be rattling the walls of Chicago clubs for the foreseeable future.

Image Credit: Press Photo provided by GetIn! PR

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