Amel & Max Robinon

Amél & Max Robinson release majestic single, ‘Hold On’: Listen

Upcoming producers Amél and Max Robinson have combined for a festival-ready anthem that has just recently been released on Afrojack’s Wall imprint. Hold On takes listeners on a sonic excursion full of incredible melodies, driving percussion, and uplifting synths.

Amél has gravitated to music since an early age, starting on the violin at age 9 before moving on to FL Studio after discovering the magic and energy of electronic music. The rising star was recently signed by Afrojack himself to WALL Recordings during Tomorrowland Winter 2023, an indication of the amount of talent he possesses.

“It was super fun working alongside Max Robinson on this track. I think Max has a great sense of melody, which for me is always the key to a good track. The support on the track has been amazing already, and I can’t wait to see it played around the world for the rest of 2023.” – Amél

For Hold On, Amél is joined by English producer Max Robinson whose music was first discovered by Afrojack via a live stream and was quickly added to the superstar DJ’s live sets.

“After submitting a demo version of this track to one of the Afrojack demo streams, to be played live at Ultra Japan later that week, I’m incredibly excited to get this one released on WALL. Also, working with Amél was an amazing experience, he is such a kind and great producer.” – Max Robinson.

Combining their incredible talents, Amél and Max Robinson have crafted a single that is infectious yet driving, making it ideal for radio play while also a powerful anthem to be played at festivals around the world. The melody draws the listener in as the vocals croon, “So hold on to me, never let me go, right here in your arms, is where I want to be,” just displaying all the love and affection that makes music so magical.


Image Credit: Press / Provided by Wall Recordings

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