DJ Archie Breaking Records at Glastonbury Festival

DJ Archie earns record at Glastonbury Festival

DJ Archie, at 9 years old, has set a new record as the youngest DJ at Glastonbury Festival. The Drum and Bass turntablist has captivated the hearts of the Glastonbury crowd. On Saturday night The Hive Stage erupted with the primary schooler on duty prime time 9-10 pm, Warming-up for DNB favorites, Born on Road. Archie set the perfect tone for the impending three-hour Jungle takeover.

DJ Archie performs on a two-channel DDJ controller linked to his laptop. Confidently transitions between songs using the filter effects and crossfader, entertaining the crowd like a professional. Showing audiences his developing mixing skills. Visuals for Archie`s performance, his own signature STIK Stamp animation. Donating all proceeds from his merchandise to Southbank Children`s Charity.

DJ Archie experienced an extraordinary moment of connection backstage with the DNB champion, Andy C. Recognizing the young prodigy’s talent and enthusiasm, Andy referred to DJ Archie as his “new best mate.” Testament to the good impression made on fans and peers. DJ Archie was then invited on stage alongside the revered maestro himself ‘skanking out’ to the delight of the audience. Uploading a video to his Instagram celebrating this incredible moment.

The young DJ took to social media to share his Glastonbury highlights. Snapshots of encounters with Drum and Bass Artists; Zed Bias, Mista Trick, Kurupt FM, Hedex, Eksman, Randall, Jumping Jack Frost, and Bryan Gee. Attending performances by Fred Again and Digga D, expanding his musical horizons and gaining inspiration.

DJ Archie was accompanied by his father, DJ ESSEX. His Dad shares Archie`s aspirations to perform at the illustrious Electric Daisy Festival (EDC) in the United States., a testament to their limitless ambition and vision for Archie`s progression as an artist. Archie’s achievements extend beyond his remarkable Glastonbury performance. The Guinness World Records recognized him as the world`s youngest DJ at four years old. Having performed now at multiple major music festivals around the UK, and featured on national news, DJ Archie has further affirmed his ascent to global stardom.

Image Credit: Photo by James Genchi on Unsplash


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