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Duke Dumont exposes ‘well-known DJs’ boycotting ‘competition’ tracks

Renowned DJ and producer Duke Dumont has stirred up controversy with a recent tweet, revealing the existence of a secret WhatsApp group comprising well-known DJs. Dumont alleges that this group has made an agreement not to play records by artists they consider as competition. The statement has sparked discussions within the music industry, prompting debates about the dynamics between DJs and their competitive mindset.

According to Duke Dumont, a WhatsApp group of influential DJs exists, where members have supposedly reached a consensus not to play music from acts they perceive as competition. Specific details about the group’s members or its operational procedures are yet to be disclosed. However, Dumont’s tweet suggests similarities to the “DnB committee” of the early 2000s, indicating a historical precedent for such industry-related agreements.

Dumont’s revelation has raised ethical concerns and fueled debates about fair play within the DJ community. Critics argue that actively boycotting fellow artists undermines the integrity of the profession and diminishes the focus on musical passion and creativity. The industry response to these claims has been mixed, with discussions taking place on social media platforms among artists, fans, and industry professionals. As one commenter claimed “I thought loads of djs only play artists on their or labels associated with”, Dumont replied with “That’s the polar opposite . That’s how culture & scenes grow.”

Duke Dumont’s assertion about the existence of a WhatsApp group of well-known DJs agreeing not to play records by acts they perceive as competition has brought attention to the competitive dynamics in the DJing industry. While the specifics of the group remain undisclosed, the controversy highlights the need for discussions on the ethics and responsibilities of DJs towards their peers. As conversations unfold, the music industry will likely assess the impact of such agreements and explore ways to foster healthy competition and collaboration within the DJ community.

Check out the tweet and full discussion below:


Image Credit: Duke Dumont Press / Provided by Universal Music Group

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