What You Want Productions

From Ravers to LED Mavericks: What You Want Productions Lights Up the EDM Empire

In the depths of the rave scene, where bass drops meet neon lights, a duo emerged, fuelled by a shared passion for electrifying music and mind-bending visuals. Meet Brandon and Kym Wollner, the dynamic siblings behind What You Want Productions, the masterminds who have transformed their love for raves into an LED empire that shines brighter than a thousand glow sticks.

Their journey began in 2007 when the siblings found themselves amidst desert raves, backyard parties, and underground clubs. They were just like any other party-goer, moving to the beats and embracing the kaleidoscope of colors that swept them into an alternate universe. But something sparked within them, and they realized that they had the power to take these experiences to the next level.

With a stroke of genius, Kym, fueled by her background in computer science, delved into the visual aspect of events. As the pulsating music guided her, she noticed a deficiency in the visual spectacles of some of the biggest clubs in Vegas. Armed with determination and unyielding love for LEDs, Kym invested in their first two projectors, paving the way for a revolution in visual entertainment.

“We wanted to create an immersive experience that would transport people to another dimension,” Brandon explains. “The visuals had to match the intensity of the music, leaving people in awe and craving for more. That’s when we knew we had found our calling.”

Their experimentation took them on a wild ride, projecting mind-blowing visuals onto unconventional surfaces like dresses and buildings during movie premieres. The rave scene provided them with the perfect playground to unleash their creativity, and soon enough, their talents caught the attention of those in search of extraordinary experiences.

But it wasn’t until they were confronted with the challenge of troubleshooting an LED wall at an event where the on-site tech failed that they realized their true potential. Armed with a tenacity that could rival any headliner, they dove headfirst into understanding the intricacies of LED technology, becoming the go-to experts for LED production services.

The road to LED domination was not without its hurdles. They faced fierce online competition, battling it out with companies that didn’t even own an LED wall but shamelessly flaunted their services. But What You Want Productions refused to be drowned out by the noise. They honed their craft, perfected their technique, and emerged as the true pioneers of LED magic.

Through their wild and unforgettable journey, Brandon and Kym have remained true to their roots. They remember where they started and embrace the essence of the rave scene, infusing their events with an infectious energy that can only be found in the realm of EDM.

“The rave scene will always be our heartbeat,” Kym proclaims. “It’s where we discovered our passion and found our tribe. We carry that spirit with us, infusing every event we touch with the same electrifying energy that we experienced in those early days.”

What You Want Productions is not just about the lights and the spectacle; it’s about creating a transcendent experience that ignites the soul. They are the dream weavers, the sorcerers of sound and vision, and their empire continues to grow, powered by the beats of the rave culture that pulsates through their veins.

“We’re not just in the business of throwing parties; we’re in the business of creating unforgettable memories,” Brandon declares with a mischievous grin. “Our clients entrust us with their dreams, and it’s our mission to transform those dreams into mind-bending realities.”

So, next time you find yourself lost in the mesmerizing glow of an LED wall, surrounded by pulsating beats that reverberate through your soul, remember the journey of What You Want Productions. From ravers to LED Mavericks, they’ve turned their passion into an empire, spreading joy, wonder, and a little touch of rave magic wherever they go.


Image Credit: Courtesy of Ascend Agency

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