Johan Gielen

Johan Gielen dons Airscape moniquer to deliver ‘Invincible’ feat. Sarah Anglionin

Invincible‘ is an incredible vocal trance piece that brings Johan Gielen and Sarah Anglionin together for the first time.

Summer is reaching its peak. On the agenda you only want plans that involve holidays, festivals, friends and fun. This is the time when what fills the soundscape are uplifting and dreamy tunes, tailored to the mood you want to experience this summer. These are also the characteristics of Johan Gielen’s brand-new tune. The trance producer teams up for the first time with the talented Sarah Anglionin to create a simply amazing track. ‘Invincible’ marks Gielen’s return to Black Hole Recordings and is available now on all major streaming and download platforms.

Johan Gielen is one of the most significant names in the trance sphere. Over the course of his thirty-plus-year career, Gielen has taken his music all over the world, climbed the release charts and, most importantly of all, created an unbelievable legacy in electronic music. Johan Gielen is a trance icon, international and undisputed. To honour and forever acknowledge his contribution, last year Gielen received an accolade to match his prestigious career. He was appointed Ridder in the Order of Orange Nassau by the Dutch Royal Family. But the career of this legendary artist is not only under his name Johan Gielen. Gielen is also the name behind the famous trance Project Airscape that now returns to the release chart. Like Gielen, who has always offered immaculate trance tracks with notes of house and other genres, also as Airscape his creativity drives him to combine sounds. In an epic return of the Airscape moniker to Black Hole Recordings, the home of so many Johan Gielen releases, the producer has teamed up with the talented Sarah Anglionin to deliver a brilliant trance pearl vocal.

‘Invincible’ honours its title by spreading energising, empowering and uplifting energy. The initial instrumental is extremely clean and elegant, laying bare Gielen’s expertise. The melody gradually gets dreamier to welcome Anglionin’s angelic vocals. The rhythm portion and melody are beautifully balanced, for a trance tune with a summery flavour. Listen to ‘Invincible’ below:

Image Credit: Press Photo/ Johan Gielen