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John Summit forced to rebrand his label Off The Grid after legal dispute

John Summit will rebrand his record label Off The Grid after a war of words with a smaller event promoter who has been using the same name since 2015.

On Tuesday, July 18th, John Summit left his fanbase shocked after he posted a tweet that he is forced to do a rebranding of his Off The Grid record label. The reason was simple in its origin: a smaller promoter who has been using the same name since 2015 claimed that John violated his trademark. This led to a cold war between the two sides.

As previously mentioned, John Summit faced the danger of complete rebranding after a promoter, Mikey Made Cromie, hired an attorney to file a cease-and-desist letter to John. The tweet that followed from Summit has been deleted but states:

“Getting sued for trademark over my “off the grid” label name by a small promoter even tho it’s a common phrase and I built up this brand 100% myself. Fucking sucks when ppl want to screw u over but it’s looking like I’m gonna need to rebrand guys.”

Following the tweet came claims that Mikey Made Cromie demanded a 7+ figure for the name, but those claims were put to rest after Mikey himself stated that “there never was a lawsuit or demand for seven figures”. Cromie wrote what happened after on Facebook:

“At this time his management contacted me. They first asked if we could co-exist. I said no, the damage was already done and I just wanted them to stop using the name. They then asked if I would sell. I said that I had put way too much into it and would only sell if it was life changing money. They said they weren’t willing to spend that type of money and that was that.”

Cromie indeed said that the cease-and-desist letter was aimed to shut John Summit’s label down and acknowledged that Off The Grid indeed knew about his company but never bothered since they are bigger than them.

The situation calmed down after John Summit posted a tweet apologizing for him taking the situation to social media a bit too much. He also announced that he’s been working along with his team on the rebranding which officially puts an end to the dispute. Until then, Off The Grid will continue its work normally as shown by the release of a brand new track from Danny Avila.

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