Jolene Sound Room: Miami's NEW! Retro-Inspired Underground Club.
Jolene Sound Room Miami

Jolene Sound Room is Miami’s newest underground club

Jolene Sound Room: Miami’s vibrant nightlife scene welcomes a new addition. Nestled in the basement of the iconic Art Deco building. Julia & Henry’s is located at 200 E Flagler & 2nd Street in Downtown Miami. Finally, Jolene offers a unique experience. Combining history, cutting-edge music, and a chic aesthetic.

Subsequently, the Brainchild of Bar Lab Hospitality and nightlife trio Link Miami Rebels | Space Invaders. Uniting Miami’s underground club culture with trending artists. Featuring a state-of-the-art audio and light system. Furthermore, the landmark venue`s roots are believed to trace back to Al Capone’s liquor stock tunnel. Jolene is ideal for sophisticated partygoers seeking an exclusive club experience.

 ‘A Historical Gem,’ the exclusive underground club found in the basement of ‘Julia & Henry’s’ building. Rumored to be the tunnel Al Capone used to smuggle alcohol across the to an illegal gambling parlor. Echoes of the past animated with intelligent décor, juxtaposed with electronic music. Creating an atmosphere paying homage to Miami’s rich cultural heritage.

Space Invaders and Link Miami Rebels Collaboration. Inspired by mid-century recording studios and 70s leisure lifestyle. Bespoke sound systems, luxury wood finish, and recording studio feel transform the bunker into Miami`s hottest rave cave.

Bar Lab Hospitality, known for its award-winning Broken Shaker, join forces with Link Miami Rebels | Space Invaders. World-renowned Club Space is already under its belt, a collaboration revolutionizing Miami club culture. Gabe Orta and Elad Zvi, founders of Bar Lab Hospitality, deliver a five-star experience.

Quality Design and Cutting-Edge Sound: drawing inspiration from the elegant icon, Dolly Parton. Jolene pays homage to the 1970s movement. Mad Artistics team created an environment that evokes nostalgia and authenticity. Irregular shape, floor plan, wood finish, and custom acoustics transport guests to another era. Attention to detail extends to the audio system. Developed by Phonic Technologies. Known for their work on legendary New York clubs such as Cielo and Output. Resulting in sound design optimizing acoustics. An unmatched audio-visual experience.

Craft Cocktails awaken taste buds with a curated menu of craft cocktails. Bar Lab team, beverage director Christine Wiseman. Showcasing mixology with inventive cocktails. Beer, wine, and bottle service options are available. They are featuring vodka, tequila, Mezcal, gin, and champagne.

Brand Expansion: Following the successful launch of Jolene Sound Room Brooklyn in Williamsburg. Miami becomes the second flagship to embrace the brand. A unique blend of history, immersive design, cutting-edge sound, and chic aesthetics. Jolene Sound Room will make a mark on Miami’s nightlife scene. For the latest information, visit @JoleneSoundRoom and

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