Kölsch Tomorrowland 2023

Kölsch crushes Tomorrowland with ID-Packed set

Kölsch astounds the Freedom Stage with an unprecedented set. Using more than half of his set time to perform a record number of unreleased music and remixes to mesmerize both Techno and House fans.

Kölsch, a Tomorrowland frequent for six years straight (and multiple times for many of those years), gave his 20th performance under the Kölsch banner on the first night of Weekend 1 of Tomorrowland Belgium 2023. Topping even his most recent Tomorrowland Winter set, Kölsch gave fans a deep and heavy Tech House set that would impress even those who frequently skip House and Techno sets. With drums that force attendees to get down with the beat and uplifting instruments to lift even the heaviest of spirits, Kölsch embodied exactly what it means for fans to partake in Tomorrowland: losing yourself to the force of the music and to be inspired to rise higher than one could imagine for themselves.

Being the last act before the Freedom Stage’s closing act assured that Tomorrowland attendees would be treated to something special at the hands of Tech House master Kölsch. What Kölsch delivered was even more spectacular, and fans knew from the first song. Opening with back-to-back IDs, it quickly became apparent that what Kölsch had crafted for Tomorrowland was a set that nobody could have expected. Even whilst giving fans more unreleased music than one would ever expect from such an amazing act, Kölsch delivered a set very true to his art and form. Once it was time for Kölsch to finish up his set, exactly a third of his selection had been prior released music from other acts. Kölsch came with the energy and music that left fans scratching their heads as to exactly what they could expect next from a set that delivered new and surprising track after track intermixed with plenty of tracks that both new fans of the artist and seasoned House-heads would recognize.

Notable moments include Kölsch’s performance of his relatively recent remix of Tiga‘s Mind Dimension which not only entranced fans with a set of looping vocals but elevated the vibe and energy of the crowd with a quick and snappy synth line that pushed fans to move more and move faster. The track itself contained the energy of the crowd with its trippy electronic melody. With its paradoxical use of tempo and beats that simultaneously brought the energy up and slowed the vibe down to keep attendees vibing in many different tandems. The coalescence of different energies and movements made the track a bodily-confusing trip that fans ate up.

To top off the energy afterward, Kölsch quickly brought his track Grey to the table, which surely brought all types of attendees running towards the stage whether they were acquainted with the artist or not. The intoxicating strings lured in a flow to the crowd, which is capitalized on with a catchy beat and horns that nobody could ignore. With a complementing piano melody ushering fans between drops, the energy never dissipated and kept fans moving and grooving. Kölsch’s selection of personal tracks kept the energy high despite a set that could have easily lost fans with its large assortment of new and unheard songs. Kölsch is truly a Tomorrowland legend, and this set proved it to attendees both fans of his work and who may not have heard of him before. Check out the entire set list here. And check out all the other Tomorrowland madness on Youtube and their website.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland