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David Guetta & Avicii hit ‘Lovers On The Sun’ celebrates 9 years

Lovers On The Sun by David Guetta and Avicii is celebrating 9 years since it was first released. Discover the little-known history of the track and the roots that created a piece of art so outside the realm of the usual.

As Lovers On The Sun celebrates 9 years, it is the perfect time to look back and enjoy the unique EDM gem. The song was originally released as a single by David Guetta on June 30th, 2014. Though uncredited in the songs streaming listing, Avicii himself, Tim Bergling, helped Guetta co-write and co-produced the track. The track was later released as part of Guetta’s 2014 album, Listen.

Though most fans knew have learned of Avicii’s involvement in the hit track, David Guetta and Sam Martin also had help from another prominent musician who had worked with Bergling prior to this release. Incubus guitarist Michael Einziger was part of the writing team that helped bring Lovers On The Sun to life.

The song was claimed to have been inspired by old Spaghetti Western films. Given the old-timey sounding guitar and the Cowbow music video, this may not be so surprising, but to know that the Western inspiration predated the music video and actually led the artists to the theme of Lovers On The Sun is quite unique.

Though EDM mourns the loss of such great talent as Avicii in the scene, his memory lingers and resonates with fans. Last month saw Avicii’s Levels on the Beatport charts for its 12th consecutive year. Avicii’s tracks transcend a life too short and display not only the musical ability of Avicii to resonate with fans for decades through his music but Tim’s living memory through his music and his career.

For those who want more Avicii or to see the music-making process behind the scenes, one of Avicii’s most incredible collaborators recently released never before seen footage of Avicii working in the studio to produce his pen-ultimate track, Wake Me Up. The video comes as a celebration of that track’s 10th anniversary.

Image Credit: Rukes.com