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Martin Garrix discusses the negative impact of playing unreleased songs at shows

One of the joys for both the artist as well as the fans in attendance are hearing new IDs and songs before they are officially released, giving both parties the chance to react to as well as build anticipation for new works. Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to this model and Martin Garrix took to social media to air out his frustration over producers stealing his music from his sets.

In a recent story shared on his Instagram, Martin Garrix reveals that an upcoming single with Third Party was ripped from a recent set he performed and uploaded to various streaming platforms. The screenshot shows a message Garrix sent where he admonishes the producer for stealing his work and talks about how people like him “make me never want to play unreleased music ever at my sets anymore. you’re ruining it for the rest.”

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As he states in the post, when music is stolen from other artists in this manner it causes a bunch of issues for the original producers as well as release schedules, labels, and any other plans that may have existed for the track. Martin Garrix continued to share another moment of this sort of musical thievery, picking up his acoustic guitar and revealing that another previously unreleased ID was quickly taken up by other producers for their own work causing the Dutch DJ to abandon the track altogether.

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At this time, Garrix hasn’t revealed what will become of the Third Party collaboration after this terrible setback. Any artist who truly cares about music and the scene, understands and appreciates the effort, energy, and passion that goes into creating every track that gets released. Unfortunately, there are those out there who are simply looking for fame and spins and don’t respect the process and the care that goes into sharing a track at a major festival to “test” for a live audience. Hopefully this moment brings awareness to the issue as the industry continues to find means to battle this piracy.

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