Moltrez takes listeners on a sonic voyage with ‘Void Cosmos’: Listen

The New Delhi based artist Moltrez is looking to take new listeners on a journey with his latest project ‘Void Cosmos,’ an engaging blend of his signature melodies and techno beats.

Garvin Taneja, also known as Moltrez, is an artist looking to make a difference not just within his career but in the Indian electronic scene and beyond. With his own techno festival called Moonglade, he has been working hard to become a household name in his local scene, and the international scene is starting to take notice. Now, starting his new project, he has unleashed a new track titled ‘Void Cosmos,’ with the goal of taking listeners on a true sonic journey.

For those just getting to know Moltrez, ‘Void Cosmos’ is a perfect place to start, as it is also his first official release. With a constant urge to explore new sounds and emotions within his work, it is especially this that keeps his fans coming back time after time and his new release is no exception, using personal hardships to drive his music forward and putting all his energy into soundscapes. A step away from the hard techno that he loves to produce, this track is a tribute to the memories of his past which is evident through the dreamy, delicate yet powerful nature of ‘Void Cosmos.’ Curating an out of body experience, it explores themes of space versus earth, and how time works differently, hence the track’s name.

For Moltrez, this beautiful track is the start of an enticing journey, so be sure to listen to it below and keep up with his latest adventures here.

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