Nicole Moudaber

Nicole Moudaber unveils transcendental live show at NYC’s ArtsDistrict Brooklyn

Renowned DJ and producer Nicole Moudaber is set to deliver a mesmerizing all-night-long DJ set accompanied by immersive visuals at ArtsDistrict Brooklyn in New York on Saturday, July 29. The event promises to be a groundbreaking experience as Moudaber unveils a transcendent production on a scale never seen before, taking her audience on a journey to another dimension.

As the founder of MOOD Records and an influential figure in the techno scene, Nicole Moudaber constantly pushes boundaries and explores the digital realm. For this extraordinary show, she collaborated with Cinetica in Mexico City to create a 3D world and avatar that embodies the power of femininity. The avatar, which mirrors Nicole’s movements, portrays an unstoppable female force, drawing inspiration from both ancient Greek mythology and futuristic sci-fi. Through animation and the avatar, viewers will be transported to a realm where women reign supreme, challenging outdated notions of womanhood.

Working alongside Volvox Labs, an interactive design and experiential studio based in Brooklyn, the production will incorporate a captivating storyline that complements Nicole’s pulsating techno set. The audience will embark on an immersive visual journey, witnessing Nicole’s avatar in a parallel universe where the past and future converge and women hold dominion. The combination of smoke, lights, animation, and Nicole’s unmatched DJ skills promises to create an unparalleled spectacle that showcases her forward-thinking and powerful artistry.


Nicole Moudaber

Image Credit: Nicole Moudaber / Provided by Falcon Publicity


Nicole Moudaber shares her motivation behind this visionary show, stating, “I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked ‘what does it mean to be a woman in music?’ Well, my avatar sums it up: women are powerful, women are visionary, women are unbeatable. And this is our legacy.” With this performance, she aims to redefine perceptions of women in the music industry and celebrate their strength and influence.

ArtsDistrict Brooklyn, known for its immersive experiences, provides the perfect backdrop for Nicole Moudaber’s most advanced live show to date. Equipped with cutting-edge 360-degree projection technology and top-tier audiovisual capabilities, the venue ensures an unforgettable event for attendees.

Volvox Labs, a long-time collaborator with Nicole Moudaber, expresses their excitement for the project, highlighting the groundbreaking aspects of the show. They describe the goddess character representing Nicole as a powerful element that interacts with and captivates the audience. Through non-linear storytelling, the goddess adds a unique touch of humanity to the futuristic worlds presented during the performance, taking fans on a profound emotional journey.

As Nicole Moudaber continues to pioneer new frontiers in the electronic music industry, her transcendent live show promises to leave an indelible mark on the audience. By combining technology, storytelling, and her unmatched musical prowess, she reaffirms her position as one of the most visionary and powerful DJs in the world. This immersive experience at ArtsDistrict Brooklyn is a testament to her artistic legacy and dedication to pushing the boundaries of electronic music performance.

Be sure not to miss this extraordinary event that promises to be an unforgettable night of music and visual splendor, as Nicole Moudaber sets the stage for a transcendental experience like no other. Claim your ticket here.


Image Credit: Nicole Moudaber (Press) / Provided by Falcon Publicity

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