Nina Kraviz

Nina Kraviz dazzles the Tomorrowland 2023 mainstage with ID-packed set

Nina Kraviz threw down a set with possibly the highest amount of IDs of any set at Tomorrowland 2023 so far, 13 in total.

Nina Kraviz was certainly not the only female techno act on the mainstage of Tomorrowland this year, as Lily PalmerAmber Broos, Anfisa Letyago, and Amelie Lens already took the stage this weekend. But, she was certainly the more interesting one as the Russian DJ/producer performed a set that a normal listener usually wouldn’t expect on a mainstage like Tomorrowland’s one. That is the beauty of the variety of electronic music, and Nina definitely proved that.

Kick drum with a soul, that’s how you can easily describe Nina Kraviz’s Tomorrowland 2023 set. Her performance was extravagant, unique, and full of interesting vocals, deep kicks, and a lot of silent pauses. Some people might find the set dull and uninspiring, while others will call it one-of-a-kind and incredible. One thing is certain: Nina Kraviz put on a show to remember. Alongside 13 unreleased tracks, her unmistakable presence elevated the atmosphere and the crowd during a relatively rainy Sunday. Not much is known about the origin or the artists behind the unpublished music but every single one of the IDs radiates with originality.

The finale of the set was reserved for 3 of Nina’s most recent tracks: “Hace Ejercicios”, “Bailando” with David Löhlein, and “White Horse” with the psy-techno queen Indira Paganotto. A fitting end for a great set.

As mentioned above, Nina Kraviz wasn’t the first female techno performer on this year’s Tomorrowland and she certainly won’t be the last. For Tomorrowland’s second and final weekend, Brina Knauss and Indira Paganotto will grace the main stage during the early hours of the festival. House and techno are effortlessly taking over Tomorrowland and all of the scene with Nina proudly holding the banner and representing her community alongside many more incredible artists.

For the full tracklist you can, as always, visit 1001Tracklists and relive Nina Kraviz’s performance over on Tomorrowland’s Facebook.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland



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