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Öwnboss delivers massive set on Tomorrowland Mainstage

Tomorrowland Mainstage July 28th, 2023 16:30, Öwnboss delivers a reliable setlist and composed DJ performance. Effortlessly dropping unreleased banger after banger exuding total control. Hailing from Brazil, this talented artist has been on an incredible journey. DJs around the world tune in anticipation of future EDM rising star`s Setlist.

Patriotic Brazilian supporters traveling 16hr across the world to watch the hometown hero absolutely smash Mainstage at Tomorrowland. Öwnboss wastes no time, jumping into a perfectly curated setlist. Timely, today Öwnboss shared a heartfelt anecdote about meeting his idol, Tiesto, through Instagram. Leading to a remarkable opportunity to open for him on a Canadian tour. Eventually signing with Tiesto’s record label, Musical Freedom.

Öwnboss setlist is a testament to his versatility and talent as a producer. The crowd absolutely steamed with gorgeous women on their shoulders, singing along and saluting their favorite Music Producer. Delving into his own tracks, including the 2023 releases “Come Together” and “Papapo.” Notably, “Left & Right,” a follow-up release to Tiesto’s label Freedom Music, received a noticeable roar from audiences. Some of whom had been eagerly waiting in the heat since sunrise to ensure a prime location for the house music maestro.

Öwnboss showcased his technical mixing skills. Perfectly timed, gradual EQ-phrase-blends, smooth transitions. Live mashups and nostalgic renditions of well-known hits from the 80s. Switching gears dropping his very own, “Miami.” A collaborative project with lifetime-hall-of-famer, Nile Rodgers. Some motivational words from MC Stretch followed by the charting hit, “No Fun,” a track signed to Armin Van Buuren’s Armada Music record label. The crowd now beginning to fatigue, are given a final blast of endorphins as they hear the next track teased into the breakdown. None other than classic, Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster Stronger” and Guetta & Scherzinger’s “The Drop.”


MC Stretch calls upon the Brazilian attendees in the audience adding a personal touch and unification to the performance. Re-emerging hit “Freed from Desire” by Gala combined with the 2016 track “Perfect” by Francesco Greco sent the crowd into a powerful karaoke choir.

Öwnboss’ selections push boundaries. Including heavy metal ballads, Enter Sandman – Metallica ID remix. Which echoed perfectly with the familiar synth of “Move Your Body.” A few new, unreleased track IDs hinted at prospective collaborations and releases for fans to look forward to over the coming months.

One standout aspect of Öwnboss’ performance was his ability to experiment with multiple BPMs and shift keys whilst maintaining rhythmic flow. The ASMR-sounding ID arousing week 2 ravers are still on the sesh, leaving them absolutely hypnotized. “Dystopia” by D4ugusto and “Burning Rave” by MAKJ showcased his penchant for different sub-genres.

Despite a minor technical glitch, a very simple error of hitting play on ur track coming in, and accidentally having the volume fader on blast. Öwnboss has a chuckle to himself quickly pulling the fader down and appearing unbothered. Öwnboss confidentially uses the Pioneer CDJs as a contemporary instrument. effortlessly transitioning into the iconic “Satisfaction” by Benny Benassi, which brought the crowd back into peak dance mode. The inclusion of his remix of “Miami” and “Mania de Voce” by Rita Lee and Harry Romero further showcased his bootleg mastery.

As the set drew to a close, MC Stretch invites everyone to raise their hands for a memorable photo. The connection between the artist and his fans was evident. Öwnboss demonstrated an impressive range and a deep understanding of setlist arrangement. A composed professional. Dressed in all black looking sleek, and moving with intention. Proudly sharing with the world his own catalog of music production and personal favorite tracks.

Öwnboss Tomorrowland Setlist;

 by Astrid Fox

Mainstage 28th July 16:30

*MC Stretch calls upon Brazilians*

**Slowed down bpm rendition of synths from move your body echoing into the fields of BOOM. An invitation to witness the rising star of global EDM.**

1. State of Play – LAAT

2. Enter Sandman – Metallica remix ID?

3. Echoes back into synth of move your body

4. The Drop – David Guetta & Nicole Scherzinger Öwnboss remix

5. Harder Better Faster Stronger – Daft Punk Acappella

6. Bump n Roll – Dannic & Teamworx

7. Left & Right – Öwnboss

8. Turn out The Lights – Fred Again x Öwnboss x Swedish House Mafia

9. Crossbreed – Patrick Kunkel

10. This is House – John Julius Knight

11. Freed from Desire – Gala KVSH remix

12. Perfect – Francesco Greco

13. Set u Free – Planet Soul

14. We are The People – Empire of The Sun

** Öwnboss Gets personal phone out to record possible new release played live first time perhaps? **

15. Coming Home – Dyx & Holker & Öwnboss

16. Move Your Body VIP – Öwnboss

**Crowd roaring** The anthem played in its duration for everyone to enjoy

17. Asmr sounding ID?

18. Dystopia – D4ugusto

19. Burning Rave – MAKJ

20. The Night – 3Lau & Nom De Strip Öwnboss & Deadline

21. Sex is on Fire – Öwnboss & Deadline (Kings of Leon Bootleg)

22. ID?

23. Multiple Voices – UHU

24. No Fun – AVB & Stickman Project Öwnboss remix

25. Total Eclipse of The Heart – Nicki Fresh remix

26. Better Off Alone – Alice Deejay

27. Sorry for Being Rude – Kosmos Epsilon

28. ID?

**Forgets to mute channel accidentally drops next tune volume fader on full **

29. Satisfaction – Benny Benassi Starhip

30. TikTok DJ Trueno Phonk bootleg

31. Miami – Öwnboss remix

32. Mania De Voce – Rita  Lee and Harry Romero

**Press Pause on Pioneer CDJ with jog wheel slow, warps finale song to a halt**

**MC instructs the crowd, hands up for Öwnboss to get a little pic for his Instagram**

**Öwnboss immediately shares the image, followed by a video kicking back with the boys having a beer hard work is over lads!

Image Credit: Tomorrowland


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