Paul Kalkbrenner at Ushuaïa Ibiza

Paul Kalkbrenner stuns Tomorrowland with completely original set

Paul Kalkbrenner plays a completely original set at The Library Stage of Tomorrowland. It astounds fans with electrifying performance complemented by enough effects and lights to outshine the night sky.

Like many other European artists, Paul Kalkbrenner has a veteran relationship with Tomorrowland, playing their many festivals several times over many years. With such experience, it was no surprise to fans when Kalkbrenner put on such a performance and spectacle for attendees. Taking the Library Stage from a sunset filled with Techno and guiding them into a night that lit up with the sky with brilliant lights illuminating the crowds. Despite traveling straight from Poland the night before, Kalkbrenner showed no signs of weariness playing an uplifting set comprised solely of Kalkbrenner’s original tracks and remixes. The show started off strong with non-stop pyro and effects to amaze the crowd and descended into the evening with a light show that showered down on the crowd brighter than the stars above. For 2 hours straight, Kalkbrenner brought the energy and kept the crowd ablaze, ready for the final set of the evening with bouncing energy.

With some of the heaviest techno to be found with new tracks of Kalkbrenner’s, such as his most recent Schwer (his first track since 2021), Kalkbrenner has come to dominate the techno space. With each of his most popular songs, Kalkbrenner has accrued tens of millions to hundreds of millions of streams on individual tracks. Kalkbrenner’s brilliance resonates with fans who come out in flocks to see the genius productions of Kalkbrenner who will take fans on a journey through multiple hours of straight playing. It is not easy to keep fans bouncing, but Kalkbrenner does it beautifully and easily with his captivating music and dazzling shows.

The set was highlighted by Kalkbrenner’s inclusion of fan-favorite Sky and Sand. With its bouncy instrumental, snappy snares, and punchy kicks, fans were quickly on their feet and jumping. The energy was captivating and under the bright lights made for an unforgettable playing of the famous track. Check out all the other madness from Tomorrowland on Youtube and their website. Fans can catch Paul Kalkbrenner at Tomorrowland again next week for Week 2 of the festival.

Image Credit: Ushuaïa Ibiza (Press) / Provided by NEU Communications