Two new unheard Prince singles get released

The timeless music of Prince continues to attract fans worldwide, even after his sudden passing in 2016. His team has been carefully uncovering and sharing hidden gems from his music vault. In an exciting new project for Prince fans and music fanatics in general, two unreleased tracks of his have recently been made available. These songs offer a peak into his creative mind and will continue to carry his legacy throughout the music industry. Although he may be gone from this world, his talented artistry will continue to be revealed through these unheard tracks and future ones to come.

About The Tracks

The first track, “7 (E Flat Version)”, shows Prince’s unique and musical creativity. Having been created in 1992, this song captures the core of his signature sound, blending parts of funk, rock, and soul in a way that only he could pull off. “7 (E Flat Version)” gives out a contagious energy, with its catchy hooks and melody. His second track, “All A Share Together Now”, originally recorded in 2006, gives out a relaxed and smooth liveliness. Prince’s soulful vocals evoke an emotional echo that carries on throughout the song.

With the release of these two tracks, listeners are able to dive into Prince’s musical mind, reminding them of his legacy throughout music history.

His Legacy Lives On

The announcement of two new Prince tracks, “7 (E Flat Version)” and “All A Share Together Now” is an exciting time for fans and music lovers. These songs offer a peak into the artistic mind of Prince and serve as an example of his timeless sound. As the Prince team continues to discover and share rare gems from the vault, it is an important reminder of his huge impact on the music industry. Prince’s legacy will live on, and his team will hopefully continue to release unheard tracks of his!



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