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Studying in tune, how EDM and high GPA students relate

In the busy world of education, students are always searching for ways to optimize their academics while studying. Among the many different study, tips is listening to music during learning sessions.

It comes as no surprise that nearly 50% of high-GPA students are listening to EDM while they study. EDM is incredibly unique with its multiple genres and sub-genres. Listening to chill types of EDM is sure to get someone relaxed and focused, ready to ace their grades. Some of the most popular artists that people listen to are ODESZA, DROELE, and Aphex Twin.

Evidence in Studies

Recent studies have shown a huge correlation between listening to EDM and academic performance. A survey conducted by CollegeRover showed that lofi and EDM were among the best genres to listen to while studying. With the help of Spotify’s API, they were able to analyze study playlists and see which type of music results in higher academic achievement. Surely most people wouldn’t be listening to Svdden Death while they study(or maybe they do!), so the type of songs would fall under those without lyrics. ODESZA came up as one of the top artists to listen to which is not a shocker because most of their music is melodic and includes little to no lyrics. The dynamic rhythms of certain artists help students keep their momentum during long study sessions. Another amazing reason why high-achieving students listen to EDM is to manage their stress and help them feel relieved in extremely overwhelming moments.

Successful Studying with EDM

As the academic environment changes, so do the study habits of high-achieving students. The rise of EDM as a study tool is proof of how young minds continue to explore various approaches to maximize their academic success. Artists like ODESZA, DROELE, and Aphex Twin will continue to be peaceful and impactful artists to listen to during study sessions. It won’t be long until artists like Lane 8 and Le Youth become popular ones with their melodic progressive house. Although listening to EDM works for some pupils, it may not work for others and that’s totally okay. It’s also helpful to take a break from music completely while studying to let your ears have a break. But once you are done, students should be sure to put on their favorite artists again. Whether it’s the soothing melodies and beats or the absence of lyrics, EDM’s impact on high-achieving students is surely going to continue to become an amazing tool for success.

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Hello everyone! My name is Val, I'm 26 and I was born and raised in central California. My passion for EDM started when I went to my first rave in 2016. Since then, I have gone to numerous festivals and events because I simply love the music and community. I hope to continue exploring this diverse world of EDM and expand my experience of attending festivals!