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Tale Of Us’ MRAK returns to releasing with ‘Manifesto’ EP: Listen

MRAK, the more silent half of Tale Of Us, released a brand new EP on Afterlife after a 2-year release hiatus. He has returned with a new collection of tracks titled Manifesto.

Unlike Anyma, MRAK doesn’t release much at all, but both Tale Of Us frontmen always deliver splendid pieces of music. MRAK only released his first EP back in 2021, titled Oneand this time around he returned to showcase his latest work, a 2-track EP titled Manifesto. The EP, of course, came out on one of the leading labels of the last few years, Afterlife.

Manifesto consists of the self-titled Manifesto and Equilibrium. Both tracks are masterfully crafted using multiple keyboards and drum pads to completely translate MRAK’s idea into reality. Both tracks instantly click with the aesthetic and the overall feel of his We Don’t Follow solo shows that he’s been delivering throughout this year. The Manifesto EP successfully combines MRAK’s love for classical music and his love and admiration for techno. The inspiration behind the fusion of classical music and techno came as a fruition of MRAK wanting to be a pianist since the age of 10. His love for music enabled him to create his stunning live shows which are a brilliant form of live dance music.

Alongside his brilliant solo performances, MRAK has also been delivering with Tale Of Us, successfully pushing the boundaries of audio-visual live electronic music. They continued their global presence on the 30th of June at the world-renowned Kappa Futur Festival in Torino, Italy as well as their Afterlife event in Barcelona, Spain 2 weeks ago. And the fun doesn’t stop there. MRAK has been delivering his one-of-a-kind We Don’t Follow shows since the end of 2022, and its next chapter continues with a show at the Roman Theatre of Orange, as a part of the Afterlife event. It served as a theatre in antique Rome and was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1981. Manifesto EP is sure to spread its magic there, as well as all the other unreleased work of MRAK. You can listen to the splendid EP below.


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