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Tomorrowland Accommodation: Where to Stay During the Festival

Tomorrowland Accommodation: Where to Stay During the Festival?

Tomorrowland 2023 is just around the corner, so this Tomorrowland Accommodation will guide how to prepare for a stay at or near the Festival. There are many options, but it’s always worth checking which one is the most suitable, considering several aspects (when will arrival be, how long will stay, comfort, and access). As the festival is very close (this year from 21 July to 30 July) it’s safe to say that it’s not worth delaying in choosing the best option.

Opportunity by Tomorrowland

The accommodation provided by Tomorrowland is called DreamVille, a vibrant and popular destination for tens of thousands of festival-goers. DreamVille offers a wide range of accommodations, so everyone is able to find an option that suits them and it is a very welcoming little “village” where People of Tomorrowland can eat, sleep and relax for the days they spend here. And of course, since it’s literally a village within a festival, they can make new international friends thanks to the given community. Pros for DreamVille are that is closer to the festival, can meet new people there, attend after-parties. Cons that are not very comfortable sleeping in a tent, and showering can be a hassle if there is a long queue.

There are six options to choose from:

  • Magnificent Greens Area: Bring your own camping gear or order a tent package and pick your own spot to pitch your tent.
  • Camp2Camp Area: The camping experience in an ecologically and socially responsible way. All tents are pre-pitched so you don’t have to bring camping gear yourself.
  • Friendship Garden Area: Stay together with a group of 10 friends at a dedicated spot in a reserved camping area.
  • Easy Tent Area: A limited-edition Tomorrowland tent with an air mattress and sleeping bag will be ready for your arrival.
  • Montagoe Area: Enjoy your stay in a spacious, luxurious tent with a comfortable bed and mattress, and soft bed sheets.
  • Mousai Area: The mansion is the ultimate experience in luxury accommodations.

Tomorrowland has undergone a very impressive transformation over the years, here you can see what the main stage has looked like in recent years.

Other Opportunities

If Tomorrowland Accommodation is not a match, it’s a good idea to consider a hotel or similar alternative from another direction. However, it is worth noting here that Tomorrowland is located in a small Belgian town (Boom) far from almost any major city, which can make it difficult to find a good option and therefore make the trip more difficult (or time-consuming) to the festival. One good option might be to look for a hotel, which is more likely to be in the cities, so perhaps even in Boom, but as there are few hits on booking sites in the first place, the chances of finding a nearby hostel will become less and less as time goes on. Even if still not found, there are two major cities nearby, Antwerp and Brussels where you can find some options – but keep in mind the latter can mean a journey of up to 1 hour. Alternatively, it is also possible to look for Airbnb, which can reduce costs. The pros of “external” options, are that you can relax and sleep in a comfortable and quiet place.

In conclusion, as the time draws near it’s getting harder to choose the right option for Tomorrowland Accommodation, but don’t worry, there are plenty of options still open. If socializing is the main goal, then a visit to DreamVille is definitely recommended, but if a more comfortable environment is preferred, then it’s worth checking out the surrounding towns to see what options are available.

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