Rose Garden Tomorrowland

The Tomorrowland fashion phenomenon: Expressing style at the festival

Tomorrowland isn’t only the best festival in the world, it’s also a secret, safe place to express yourself through fashion.

It’s almost, really almost there. Another edition of Tomorrowland is just around the corner, this year on the weekends of 21-23 July and 28-30 July. For mere mortals, it may be too early to pack. But in truth, many have long since started preparing for Tomorrowland. The usual dress tips apply to this festival as well. Tomorrowland’s hallowed ground isn’t to be overlooked, so comfortable footwear is always a good choice. Still, the safe option. A little warmer clothing for the unpredictable Belgian weather shouldn’t be dispensed with, and rain protection may be desirable. But the usual recommendations aren’t enough for the best festival in the world.

Tomorrowland is more than a festival. It is an enchanted kingdom where music, friendship and unity reign. It is an armoured bubble where everyone is free to express themselves, to be who they are, to be who they are not, and to be who they want to be. And what better way to express yourself than through fashion? Festival style is a globally recognised language of dress that is used at all music festivals. But this is another level, it’s Tomorrowland style. There are no rules, but nobody spends months preparing for this festival to be discreet. The environment and settings of the festival are worthy of the most magical fantasies of fairy tales and fables, and festival-goers strive to look like characters from this enchanted kingdom. The spirit of the festival gives visitors the confidence to dress up. The many trained staff ensure that everyone, whether in a group or alone, is respected.

This is the Tomorrowland fashion phenomenon. This festival not only showcases new music hits and the most sought-after and trend-setting tracks. This is also where the festival fashion capital lives.


Image Credit: Tomorrowland

Boxer braids with colourful strands of hair are a must and one of the typical hairstyles of Tomorrowland fashion. Body crystals, applied in maximum quantity to the face and body, are also a must for festival-goers. Accessories are the signboard of your festival language and should therefore be used to the fullest. Bandanas, headbands, funky socks and belts are some of the favourites.

As Tomorrowland visitors come from all over the world, it has become a trademark of the festival that visitors bring flags of their countries. The personalisation of the flags has already become one of Tomorrowland’s fashion statements. But it’s not only through the flags that people express their nationalism. You’ll see traditional costumes from various nations, some of which you’ll notice have been handmade on purpose to pose in the Tomorrowland landscape.

Loud, flashy, free. That’s the Tomorrowland fashion phenomenon. Festival-goers take selfies of themselves, but also photos of other people’s outfits, because after all, Tomorrowland is also a colourful and exclusive fashion showcase. What are you packing this year?


Image Credit: Tomorrowland