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Tomorrowland Relaxation: Take a Break at the Festival with Guided Classes

When fans need a break from all the craziness, Tomorrowland answers with a wide array of activities that give fans the chance to kick back and relax. Check out all the not-to-be-missed classes offered at the Chill Out area.

Tomorrowland has always strived to make its fans the happiest they possibly can. This year, with a plethora of activities for festival-goers to enjoy, it’s easy to see this in action. Larger-than-life stages, amazing acts from across the globe, and camping fun are all to be found for any fans experiencing Tomorrowland. Yet there is one feature that more people should be aware of. While campers wait for the festival to open or need a break from all the action, Tomorrowland offers a variety of activities for fans to take part in while not grooving to the music, and this year is no exception.

In between the Magnificent Greens and Marketplace of the camp lies the Chill Out zone. A place that truly lives up to its name. Before we go into too many specifics on the classes provided, it should be amply explained that the Chill Out area is not just for those looking for a break from the festival by participating in a guided class. In fact, some of the more prominent features of the area include hammocks for campers to lounge about on and grab a nap in-between acts. The area also includes the Lounge, an area more frequented by businessmen and women who want to experience the festival in a more professional capacity whilst still enjoying all the other amenities of the festival. One of the best features offered by the Chill Out area is the cocktail bar where campers can go for a quick bite or drink whilst waiting for more important activities to commence. The zone also features a padel cage to challenge your friends to a laidback game of tennis.

The Chill Out zone also has dedicated space for campers looking to get their systems going before the gates open. Get your blood pumping with a guided yoga session in the morning at the Chill Out zone’s Balance Area. Their experienced instructors are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and ready for any high-jinx a fan may want to get into throughout the rest of the day.

The Chill Out zone also comes equipped with a Recovery area, dedicated to having your body prepped for the physicality of the festival or to keep you working on your fitness goals while away from home. Join classes for weight lifting to get your daily workout in, join a boxing or kickboxing class to get the endorphins rushing, or even try your hand at the dedicated boxing ring if you’re feeling brave.

If none of the aforementioned activities gets you excited, have no fear. Tomorrowland offers many great options for classes even if they haven’t been announced yet. Previous years saw DJ Laidback Luke guide a Kung Fu class, inflatable obstacle courses, and smaller performances from acts ranging from marching bands to secret acts.

No matter what you’re into, camping at Tomorrowland is sure to have activities to fill up any camper’s time to the max and keep them as happy as possible.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland