Tycho embarks on a new journey with the release of ‘Time To Run’: Listen

Tycho, led by mastermind Scott Hansen, returns with the enchanting single “Time To Run,” a captivating blend of glowing synths, dynamic beats, and a distinctive guitar motif provided by Zac Brown, longtime Tycho guitarist. The track marks a return to Tycho’s signature instrumental style following the experimental vocal exploration of their GRAMMY® Award-nominated fifth album, WEATHER. Collaborating with Kaelin Ellis on drums, mixing with Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor, and mastering by GRAMMY® Award-winner Joe LaPorta (known for his work with David Bowie and The Weeknd), Tycho’s latest project is highly anticipated.

Hansen reflects on the role of music as a meditative practice, explaining, “Music has always served as a kind of meditation for me, long before I started creating it.” Drawing inspiration from his experience as a competitive runner, Hansen reveals how he used music to find clarity and calmness during races. With “Time To Run,” he aims to translate this connection between mind, body, and nature into musical form. By embracing a new approach and allowing rhythmic elements to take the lead, Hansen breathes fresh life into Tycho’s melodic sound, infusing it with funk influences.

Collaborator Zac Brown shares his excitement about the creative process, stating, “‘Time To Run’ is exactly what I imagined process-wise.” Brown describes how Hansen took the initial guitar idea and transformed it into a funky and energetic track by adding sample-based treatments and a staccato synth bass.

The autobiographical music video for “Time To Run” explores the solitary nature of cross-country running. Hansen draws from his personal experience, recounting a cross-country meet where the outside world’s expectations fade away as the race begins. The intense pressure and physical demands of the moment create a desire to keep running, to find peace and fulfillment by breaking free from others’ expectations.

To celebrate the release of “Time To Run” and forthcoming music, Tycho presents the highly anticipated festival event, Tycho Presents Golden States, set to take place on Saturday, July 15 at Napa, CA’s Oxbow Riverstage. Curated by Hansen himself, this one-day destination music festival promises an extraordinary experience. Tycho will perform a special set featuring beloved tracks from their acclaimed discography and debut never-before-heard music from their upcoming album. The lineup includes an exceptional array of talent, including Channel Tres, Panda Bear & Sonic Boom, Buscabulla, Washed Out (performing a DJ set), Brijean, and Kaelin Ellis. Visit tychomusic.com/goldenstates for complete details and ticket availability.

Reflecting on his previous event curations, Hansen expresses his excitement about Tycho Presents Golden States, stating, “Golden States is the next evolution of that vision, and I am thrilled to bring it close to home in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some moments serve as high water marks by which all others are measured. We celebrate these Golden States and seek to recapture them.”

Don’t miss out on the immersive experience of “Time To Run” and the upcoming Tycho Presents Golden States festival, where Tycho’s enchanting music will create unforgettable moments.


Image Credit: Scott Hansen / Provided by Big Big Hassle Media

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