Introducing YouNotUs: making their Tomorrowland debut, new single ‘Treat Myself’ & more [Interview]

Being part of the Tomorrowland family is amazing. That’s what we have always aimed for since we started making music,” say YouNotUs.

Berlin-based duo YouNotUs have a lot to be excited about lately. Not only are they making their Tomorrowland debut this Sunday – a dream that has been in the making for many years – but have also just released a huge new single on Tomorrowland Music, ‘Treat Myself‘ with Mat.Joe. Fast on the rise and with a highly popular discography already under their belts, there’s a lot to talk about so we caught up with the duo to learn more about them.

Hi guys! For those who may not know, tell us how you met each other.

“That’s actually a funny story. Greg and I met in Berlin, we were at the same university, but we had never really spoken to each other. So we just knew each other from around the same university. And then one day, Greg was working for a pizza shop, and he delivered the pizza to me, and he’s stood in front of my door, which was when I realised we know each other.

I came into the flat, because he didn’t have the money at the door, and saw that he’s producing music on his laptop. And so I sat down, and I think, three hours passed, like nothing. And I got a call from my boss who fired me.  From that day on, we decided we should keep on doing music together.”

What about your name YouNotUs? Where did the inspiration come from for that? 

“The name is more about the message. And the message is like, it’s all about you, not us. So it’s about the people in front of the stage. It’s about the people who listen to our music and without them that all wouldn’t work out. So it’s a collective thing.”


Image credit: Alexander Norek / provided by press


For first time listeners, can you describe what style of music you make and why you like to make that?

“We are making dance music with pop influences, and coming from Berlin, of course clap sound is a huge influence in our sound. So we make dance pop, but we make it work also for the big stages at the festivals, and we also like a good party, so it’s always a good energy when we play sets.” 

Speaking of music, huge release today for you guys on Tomorrowland Music. Congratulations! How does it feel to be releasing with such a prestigious brand?

“Being part of the Tomorrowland family is amazing. That’s what we have always aimed for since we started making music. We said okay, one day we want to play the stages at Tomorrowland festival and yeah, releasing music with them and being part of that family is like crazy, because it’s like the biggest brand in the DJ world. It’s the home of Tomorrowland. So it’s so cool to be a part of it.” 

How did you connect with the Tomorrowland guys?

“Actually, we sent them songs, and somebody from our team connected us with them. We had a meeting, we showed them a few tracks and they were like totally on fire and said “okay, guys, we really want to work this out and want to work together with you.” And yeah, this is how it came to be. It’s really crazy because when we came to Berlin 11 years ago, that was the year this crazy aftermovie of Tomorrowland came out, the 2012 one. When I saw it, and we watched it together, I showed it to all my friends and I said one day we’re going to play there. And now it’s time. That’s crazy.” 


Image credit: Alexander Norek / provided by YouNotUs press


And the release itself is a collaboration with Mat.Joe, another duo. Can you tell us how you connected with them and what it was like working with them?

“They’re also friends of ours. Actually, one of the guys was also at the same university. We met at a party, and yet we instantly connected but this was 10 years ago, and we had never really worked on music together. I think was last year when we gave them a call and said, “Hey, guys, we are so close. But we have never worked on a song together, so let’s get it out.” When they came to our studio, we had the basic idea and then we sat down and all did the production together. It’s a super cool connection of the two brands and the sounds of the two brands that come together. It worked out really well and it is so cool to work with friends that you’ve known for such a long time.”


Obviously you’re making your Tomorrowland debut on Sunday at the Freedom stage, which is an iconic stage. How does it feel? Are there any nerves?

“I’ve been having dreams of something that has to do with Tomorrowland for the last few days, so i’m pretty excited already. We play shows like every weekend, so normally I’m not that excited, but this is a really, really special one and. Having our debut be on the freedom stage is insane. Like I said it’s iconic and it’s so cool to be there. I’m already a little bit nervous.”

Are you going to have any special show ritual beforehand? How are you going to prepare?

“Shortly before the show we like to get into the mood, the zone, and get really focused. We always have a little shot before the show and wish everybody a good show too.”

For those who are going to come to this set on Sunday, can you tell us what they can expect from it?

“A lot of energy. I think we describe our sound nowadays as high energy tech house. We also prepared some special mash ups for the show which have some of the Tomorrowland classics in it, but we have made them our own mashups by giving it a little more of a tech house vibe than super big room orientated, but still having the big room melodies so this is going to be really special for the show.”

Image credit: Paul Hüttemann / provided by YouNotUs press


Since since Tomorrowland was such a big goal for you guys, and you’re about to achieve that, what are the goals you have for the future? What’s the next biggest thing?

“Maybe the Tomorrowland mainstage! But also touring even more internationally around the world. Playing all the big festivals would be cool, we definitely want to play one in the USA.” 

Finally, can you give us any previews, or sneak peeks, as to what we can expect from YouNotUs in the rest of this year and going into next year?

“Absolutely. There’s a lot of new music coming because we didn’t release for quite some time because there was something going on in the background. But now we are finally back on the road. And there will be releases from now on until the end of the year. I think every month. So every four to five weeks, there will be a new song.”

Be sure to check out ‘Treat Myself’ from YouNotUs and Mat.Joe, out now via Tomorrowland Music.

Featured Image credit: Alexander Norek / provided by YouNotUs press

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