Aky delivers African-rhythms on new single ‘Lean N Bop’: Listen

Italian DJ and music producer Achille Pezzini, better known by his stage name Aky, has made a name for himself through his incredible collaborations. He is renowned for his ability to navigate the electronic music space, working with a wide range of artists, and he now returns with a track full of sleek African-inspired rhythms.

Built around the emphatic vocal work of Yaw Faso, Aky has crafted a single that is fun and groovy, a perfect addition to any summertime playlist. The light guitar riff and swirling chords provide an airy warmth as the percussion drives, demanding that listeners groove to the rhythm of Lean N Bop. Aky discusses the processes and joy of creating the new single:

‘This track has been in the works for about two years now and to see it receive such big support it’s an incredible payback for me as i strongly believe in the importance of the details when creating. It all came together so smoothly and Yaw Faso killed it with his vocal performance. Initially the track had no bassline and was mostly carried by a kick and all the percussions even after the vocals were recorded, at this point we thought that that was it but I knew something was missing that would have taken this song to the next level and two years later I went back to it and ended up adding the bassline that characterise this song and complements the catchy vocals. I have to say I’ve always been influenced by afrobeats and African music throughout the years and would love to travel to Africa sometime soon it’s definetly in my to do list.’

With an incredible set of accomplishments already on his resume, AKY continues to grow his stature in the electronic music space, crafting anthems that are infectious and moving. Lean N Bop is a must-listen for any summer gathering as it delivers the perfect vibes for the summer season.


Image Credit: ANGVIS (Press)

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