CLMD & Carl Louis

CLMD & Carl Louis reunite for vibrant ‘Goes To Paris Mix’ of their iconic ‘The Stockholm Syndrome’ hit: Listen

Reuniting once again on the 10th year anniversary of their iconic hit, ‘The Stockholm Syndrome,’ CLMD and Carl Louis have unveiled a vibrant ‘Goes To Paris Mix.’ “We owe this track so much! That’s why we wanted to reunite in the studio once again to give it a more modern sound to fit with the next decade,” CLMD says

With a whole decade having passed by since CLMD‘s iconic ‘The Stockholm Syndrome‘ release, a lot of things have changed not only within our industry, but also for the duo itself. Comprised of Martin Danielle and Carl Louis, CLMD were pushing boundaries on the most constant of levels, whilst their genre-defying endeavours, allowed them to stand out from all the rest as time progressed. A stellar act within our community, the departure of Carl Louis from the group came as a huge surprise for fans worldwide, but fast-forward to now, and the duo got back in the studio together once again, as they celebrate 10 years since the production of their classic hit, ‘Stockholm Syndrome,’ but this time round, have opted for a more modern and vibrant vibe, as they officially release their ‘The Stockholm Syndrome (Goes To Paris Mix)‘ remake.

Captivating audiences worldwide, CLMD has continued as a solo act for quite some time now, with Martin Danielle reaching the highest of levels through each of his projects, live performances and constant affection towards his true love and passion of music. Receiving accolades in a mesmersing fashion, CLMD is the epitome of an act that has mastered his craft to the utmost of perfection, whilst his attention to detail has helped him reach only the highest of heights. In a similar fashion, Carl Louis has been gaining success for each of his solo endeavours, whilst his approach towards the deeper organic and living landscapes, has resulted in productions that resonate directly to the listener, whilst having them feel some type of way through his very own passion for music, and his general outlook not only towards our scene, but also life as a whole.

“Ten years ago, Carl and I created a track that would change our course in life forever. ‘The Stockholm Syndrome’ became the foundation for our music careers, both as a duo, and as separate solo artists. We owe this track so much! That’s why we wanted to reunite in the studio once again to give it a more modern sound to fit with the next decade. We have always been inspired by the “french touch” and wanted to reflect that sound in the newest version. We are proud to present the ‘Goes To Paris Mix.'” – CLMD

Oozing with energy throughout, ‘The Stockholm Syndrome (Goes To Paris Mix)’ will have anyone out of their seats and straight onto the nearest dance-floor in no time at all. A modern twist to an absolute classic, it is with great joy and enthusiasm that we welcome back the reunion of CLMD and Carl Louis, with the end product doing justice to both the original track, as well as the key elements that they set out to achieve through this rendition for the ages. With this said, be sure to check out this certified hit in all its glory below, whilst streaming is also available through all major platforms here. Don’t forget to leave your own thoughts in the comments section. Enjoy!



Image Credits: CLMD (Press) / Carl Louis (Press)

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