Deborah de Luca

Deborah De Luca fuses hard trance & techno in latest release ‘India’: Listen

An energetic techno song on the horizon: Deborah De Luca reveals India, on the Solamente label.

Italian techno artist Deborah De Luca reveals “India”, a new track on her own label, Solamente Records, which could be a very promising track for fans of the genre.

Deborah De Luca has announced several releases this week on her social media profiles, or mostly on her Instagram stories. One of them, for example, is her remix of Robin S‘s smash hit song “Show Me Love” (from 1993), which will be released on 25 August. Another release is called “FINIRE”, which was released on 10 August on Beatport. A little before that, “ETNICO” was released. However, looking at the last few weeks, her latest release is “India”, which like “FINIRE” and “ETNICO” was released under Deborah’s own label, Solamente Records. The DJ and producer, Deborah De Luca, has skillfully developed new concepts and structures, fusing an unyielding bassline with uplifting tunes to create a captivating 5-minute work of art. Right from the onset of the music piece, it’s evident that every detail has been carefully fashioned to resonate powerfully through advanced audio setups, undoubtedly poised to energize any festival or club it graces. Within the heart of a complex arrangement, they’ve constructed a striking rhythmic base that provides a strong backdrop, supporting the track’s dynamic melody that weaves its way throughout, from the very beginning to the closing moments. It can be seen that one of the leading figures in techno culture is not idling, as she has served her fans with many songs over the past months, and there are still many more to be released. Over the past months, she has not only been producing music, but also traveling the world as a DJ, for example, to mention some: performing at Amnesia Ibiza, Awakenings Summer Festival, Creamfields, and many more festivals upcoming this summer for Deborah where her new songs will surely be performed.


Image Credit: Deborah de Luca (Press) / Provided by The Echo Agency

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