EddyThron unveils eclectic ‘Flying Over The Bare Ocean’ EP under his Aloft subalias: Listen

Providing those melodic vibes with his latest EP, EddyThron has just unveiled his latest body of work in the form of ‘Flying Over The Bare Ocean.’ A two-track EP, the man of the moment shares it under his Aloft subalias, with Organic House the key element in this latest endeavour.

Taking listeners on the most melodic of musical journeys, EddyThron has just unveiled a two-track EP for the ages, with ‘Flying Over The Bare Ocean‘ released under his subalias, EddyThron pres. Aloft. Blessing fans alike for over a decade now, each of his productions have been leaving no doubt to the imagination, whilst his attention to detail, most definitely helps him stand out from all the rest. As versatile as anyone can be within our community, EddyThron has taken various directions in terms of genres over the years, with Progressive Trance and Trance the prominent features of each of his endeavours. Taking a different route this time round, his Aloft subalias explores more the realms of Organic and Progressive House, and is this latest body of work is anything to go by, its more than certain that his musical capabilities expand to the highest of dimensions.

Invoking an array of emotions through this latest EP, EddyThron pres. Aloft presents a calmer and more relaxing outlook through both of the featured tracks, with the overall concept surrounded by the idea of how Trance music can be interpreted in a wide variation of forms, and in turn, the ‘Flying Over The Bare Ocean’ EP reflects exactly that message of feel-good and emotive of vibes. Consisting of the homonymous ‘Flying Over The Bare Ocean,’ as well as ‘Hints Of Life In Dark Places,’ both tracks omit their own distinct aura onto the listener, with the end product being nothing short of spectacular. Each track is defined by its own identity, EddyThron pres. Aloft has incorporated each musical element in the most immersive of manners, whilst its melodic feel, has left us all in awe throughout the entirety of this eclectic body of work.

“Each song represents one aspect of nature. The first one, the sensation of being able to fly all by oneself, over miles and miles of endless blue waters below, at a height just ideal to hover with no worries but still feel the wet breeze of the waves; the second one, those resilient gifts of nature that are able to defy all odds and live, grow and shine, even in the darkest and most desolate places.” – EddyThron 

Out now under Argentinian producer Teleport X‘s imprint Deepwibe Underground South America, the ‘Flying Over The Bare Ocean’ EP is one that will have anyone feeling some type of way, whilst EddyThron debuts his Aloft subalias in a manner that has us eagerly awaiting of what is to come. Combining his organic house venture with stunning aerial views, his ATOP concept is one that you also don’t want to miss out on, as he delivers live sets from the most breathtaking of locations. Remarkable in every sense of the word, we will be keeping a close eye on the man of the moment and all his future endeavours, but for the time being, be sure to check out his latest EP in all its glory below, whilst streaming is also available through all major platforms here. Enjoy!



Image Credit: EddyThron (Press)

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