Headhunterz: “I am going to stop performing”

In a heartfelt Instagram video that has sent shockwaves through the electronic music community, renowned DJ and producer Headhunterz has announced his decision to retire from touring. The hardstyle legend, cited personal reflection and a desire for a more balanced life as the driving factors behind his momentous decision.

“I’m slightly nervous recording this, excuse me if I stumble a little bit here and there,” confessed Headhunterz as he addressed his fans in the emotional video. This vulnerability underscored the weight of the announcement he was about to make.

“This is a decision that I made from my heart,” he continued. It’s clear that this choice was born out of deep introspection and a yearning for authenticity in his life.

The DJ went on to share his journey of self-discovery, explaining, “Lately I’ve been in a good place, that allowed me to take a step back and evaluate a bit my own life and to ask myself important questions.” He spoke candidly about the pursuit of happiness, revealing that his passion for creating music is what truly brings him joy each day. “There is nothing I could wish for more in life and I feel lucky having that.”

The toll of constant touring became a pivotal theme in his announcement. “There’s also something I couldn’t really answer to myself – why am I still doing this that I know that since years already it’s been a struggle for me and that’s the touring side / DJing / performing,” Headhunterz confessed. He admitted that the rigorous schedule of performing and traveling, which he has upheld for over 15 years, had taken a toll on both his physical and mental health.

“Right now, being at the place I am, I feel ready to enter a new phase, to live a more ‘normal’ and balanced life,” he shared with a sense of conviction. He expressed a longing to shift his focus towards a healthier lifestyle that allows him to fully nurture both his creative spirit and his personal well-being.

But this isn’t a complete farewell. Headhunterz clarified, “Saying all that sounds like a goodbye, but this really isn’t – I’m just giving up on one thing to be able to fully commit to the other.” The artist’s commitment to his music remains unwavering; he reassured fans that he will continue making hardstyle, a genre he is deeply passionate about.

“I will still continue making hardstyle, that’s the thing I love,” he emphasized, hinting at a future brimming with new sonic creations that his dedicated followers can eagerly anticipate. And for those who can’t imagine a world without his electrifying live performances, there’s a silver lining. Headhunterz announced that he will continue to perform until the end of December 2023, giving fans a chance to catch his final shows before his hiatus from touring begins.

As the electronic dance music community absorbs this monumental news, one thing is certain: Headhunterz’s impact on the scene is indelible. While his touring chapter may be coming to an end, the legacy of his music and his commitment to his craft will undoubtedly continue to reverberate through speakers and souls around the world.


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