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House Music Essentials Vol. 18 featuring John Summit, ALRT, Space Motion & more

Presenting our eighteenth edition of House Music Essentials, We Rave You is pleased to present a few globally recognized artists who are absolutely riding their own waves in the house and techno scene. With festival season and house music in full force, we are excited to highlight a few top tracks needed in your playlists from John Summit, ALRT, Ladytron, Space Motion, Toniia, Duncan, Electric Polar Bears, Vulture Theory, HAWD HITTA, NoBeuno, Kasey Berry, Vinny Vibe, James Kennedy and Sak Noel

Presenting our eighteenth edition of House Music Essentials, We Rave You is excited to highlight a few internationally reputable artists making their own waves in the music industry. As the festival season continues to dominate around the world, what better way to continue the party than to jam out to those newest house and techno tunes from artists such as John Summit, ALRT, Space In Motion, Toniia, Duncan, Electric Polar Bears, Vulture Theory, HAWD HITTA, NoBeuno, Kasey Berry, Vinny Vibe, James Kennedy and Sak Noel.

The name John Summit is one that is immediately recognizable not only in the house music scene but in the entire music industry as a whole. After playing iconic sets at Electric Island in Toronto during his headline closing set, you could tell thousands of those attendees were there to catch the legend in action. From rinsing out his energetic tunes such as “La Danza” and of course his global hit “Where You Are,” the crowd was singing along and dancing as if no one was watching. A truly special moment in the heart of Toronto overlooking the CN Tower, John Summit played an incredible set while even teasing his unreleased remix of the legendary tune “I Remember” from deadmau5 and Kaskade. While playing a strictly house and techno-influenced set in Toronto, John Summit is not afraid to dabble into the realms of dubstep and bass music such as his impressive set at this year’s Shambhala Music Festival at the Pagoda stage. With many music lovers talking about the set being one for the books at Shambhala, John Summit continues to impress us with his signature ever-evolving sound and a master of his production skills. Be sure to check out his captivating remix below and stay tuned for more updates from the legend himself here.


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ALRT – “Multiplicity” 

DJ/producer ALRT has unleashed his much-awaited album, Multiplicity. Drawing inspiration from his personal journey outside the studio, the album presents a powerful sonic panorama, encapsulating the essence of tech house and bass house blended in with the edgy of his unique signature sound. The intro, “Multiplicity – Intro,” sets the album’s tone with a cinematic and dramatic approach. This is followed by “Familia,” an instant party-starter teeming with creative energy and ALRT’s trademark bass house style.

“New Hype,” follows – a fierce, party-ready banger that immediately establishes the album’s exhilarating, high-octane tone. The flow transitions into “City,” a powerful tech house track. Ingeniously technical and irresistibly catchy, “City” encapsulates the euphoric urban nightscape. “Run It Up” reveals itself as an electrifying anthem, enriched by brass horns that magnify the track’s grandeur. It’s a pure embodiment of auditory ecstasy, characterized by playful, slurred notes in the drop and an invigorating pace that pulsates with a sense of purpose. The track harnesses the mystic energy of the Middle East, creating an exotic sonic tapestry that helps channel the songs meaning. ALRT then throws a curveball with “One Time,” an enigmatic track that swaps to the bass house genre at the drop, introducing an element of surprise. The track boasts a club-ready tech house sound that’s both captivating and unexpected.

MULTIPLICITY is a defining album for ALRT, presenting a carefully curated palette of sounds and themes, each track meticulously woven into the next. It’s an album that delivers a breath of fresh air in an electronic music culture full of monotony.

Ladytron –  “Destroy Everything You Touch” (Space In Motion Remix)

Following the release of their acclaimed seventh studio album Time’s Arrow in January and their first live shows in four years earlier this spring, revered UK synth group Ladytron has revealed a new remix of their hit song “Destroy Everything You Touch” by DJ/producer Space Motion. This pulsating rendition preserves the essence of the original while adding a hypnotic twist, merging melodic house and techno with relentless energy. The robust rhythm seamlessly blends with Ladytron’s haunting vocals, creating an evocative and electrifying experience. Space Motion’s remix pushes sonic boundaries, showcasing his artistic prowess and visionary talent as a top-selling artist in electronic music.

“Destroy Everything You Touch,” originally released on Ladytron’s 2005 LP Witching Hour, has long been one of the band’s most popular songs among fans and fellow musicians alike. The song broke the Top 50 in the UK Singles Chart and was included in Pitchfork’s “Top 500 Tracks of the 2000s.” The single was remixed by acclaimed DJ/Producer Sasha which was a standout out on his 2008 Invol2ver LP, and the new remixes by Space Motion have already garnered support from fan-favorite DJs Camelphat, Vintage Culture, Fisher, Gorgon City, Tale of Us, and more.

The remixes and tour announcement come as Ladytron conclude a run of West Coast U.S. tour dates last month, during which the band performed in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles for the much-acclaimed Just Like Heaven Festival. Due to popular demand, the fall 2023 dates will see Ladytron once again take the stage in LA this time as a headline slot at the Belasco Theatre, plus dates in New York City, Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Diego’s CRSSD Fest to deliver a performance of fan-favorites, classics, and new tracks from Time’s Arrow – the critically acclaimed album that received 4 Stars from Mojo, 8/10 from Uncut, and was called “intoxicating” and “enduring” by Pitchfork.

Toniia & Duncan – “Broken Heart” 

Germany-based DJ and Producer Toniia returns with his highly anticipated single, “Broken Heart” in collaboration with American songwriter and singer, Duncan out via Tipsy Records. “Broken Heart” follows Toniia’s streaming success of his multiple recent Tipsy Records releases which have already surpassed well over 2 million streams on Soundcloud and more than half a million plays on Spotify. Now, Toniia is back with another electronic pop banger. “Broken Heart” is a real crowd-pleaser with a myriad of laid-back melodies and an energy-packed chorus. Duncan’s storytelling vocals explore the topics of healing from extreme heartbreak, and having
a hard time getting over someone – a common message that truly resonates with all! Toniia’s noticeable production skills and Duncan’s emotive vocals mesh perfectly together for both pop and electronic dance music fans alike. “Broken Heart” serves once again as a testament to Toniia’s powerful productive
scope and is a seductive and irresistible track that has all of the ingredients of a summertime hit!



Electric Polar Bears – “Where We Started” 

Electronic music duo Electric Polar Bears are taking their artistic ventures to new heights while paying homage to their artistic journey thus far. Since releasing their first music in 2021, and playing their first show at Groove Cruise in 2017, the mythology behind Electric Polar Bears has translated to real-world achievements and a renowned reputation. With claims of an Antarctic lab headquarters where they concoct perfect party-throwing strategies, the duo (who go under the names Zero and Snowball) have made a name for themselves with stand-out shows that combine 3000 LED heads, powerful confetti cannons, dazzling lasers, frost machines, and a dedicated penguin parade backdropped by bouncy house beats.

Today, Electric Polar Bears unveil the EP’s self-titled track, “Where We Started,” a throwback cut that combines vintage, nostalgic sound design with sparkling, shimmering production that feels strikingly digital. Overall, the single embodies the Electric Polar Bears’ core mission: to make a genuine connection with their audience through irresistible, joyful beats that keep the dancefloor grooving. “Where We Started” kicks off with crisp hi-hat rhythms and an uplifting, euphoric melody accompanied by a thumping bassline. The song then introduces a looping vocal sample, “Back to where we started/show me where you’ve been,” before dropping into a groovy, head-spinning beat that transports listeners to the inception of Electric Polar Bears’ musical journey. The record then continues with a hyperactive, high-pitched synth lead, which contributes to the track’s playful, futuristic vibe and solidifies it as a certified summertime banger.

Vulture Theory, HAWD HITTA & NoBueno – “SYNTHETIC SANDS” 

Los Angeles based up and coming electronic DJ/Producer Vulture Theory teams up with HAWD HITTA, NoBueno on his latest house collab “SYNTHETIC SANDS” released on SEARCHPRTY RECORDS. ‘SYNTHETIC SANDS’ is dropping during peak festival season, & these artists have come together perfectly on this track to deliver the tune needed for the mainstage this summer. Vulture Theory, also known as Dustin DePalama-Shields, began with the idea. He says “I tossed over the idea to HAWD HITTA, who quickly thought of the half-time introduction and made a phone call to NoBueno. The two came together on a few other elements and then us three worked on it from there.”

It’s solid in how they built the track out with the right amount of tension, creating a beautiful set up for a spicy second drop. The vocal phrase is placed into perfect position over the kicks in the second drop, and when that bounce is developed, it’s reminiscent of that Knock2 “dashstar” effect many can see taking over mainstage sets at festivals. Co-produced by Vulture Theory, HAWD HITTA, NoBueno, “SYNTHETIC SANDS” is the song for this year’s festival season and many more as this one is a homerun. “SYNTHETIC SANDS” is the first release for HAWD HITTA since May 5th, after charting at #33 on the ITUNES HOUSE USA CHART alongside NoBueno, it’s noted that HAWD HITTA is coming off a US cross country tour this past fall, and is back for more shows and a tour we are highly anticipating following these releases. It all came together in those March sessions with Vulture Theory as the three artists release this on new Los Angeles, CA based label SEARCHPRTY RECORDS.



Kasey Berry – “Who Do You Love” 

Welcome to the tropical paradise of Kasey Berry. Get ready to immerse yourself in the euphorically poppy sounds of her latest single, “Who Do You Love.” This exceptional track showcases Kasey’s talent for blending blissful piano melodies with silky smooth vocal samples, transporting you to a world of feel-good ambiance and uplifting rhythms. Kasey Berry is not only a remarkable artist but also a seasoned performer. Having graced stages across multiple continents, including Superbowl events and high-profile shows for HBO, NFL, Bravo/Oxygen, and National Geographic, she has captivated audiences with her magnetic presence. This summer she plans to embark on a thrilling global tour, bringing her enchanting music to Ibiza, the Hamptons, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York City, and London.

Kasey effortlessly weaves together various genres, from Top 40 hits and hip hop to 90s jams and dance classics. Her passion for music knows no bounds, as she takes her mesmerizing beats to destinations worldwide leaving her mark on international stages. While she continues to expand her devoted fanbase, Kasey’s eclectic open-format style guarantees unforgettable experiences for music lovers everywhere.

Vinny Vibe & James Kennedy – “Ride Like This” 

The alliance of Vinny Vibe and James Kennedy is a unique joining of forces like no other. Their highly anticipated club track, “Ride Like This,” will officially be released on July 14th, with all signs pointing to this release having a more-than-positive impact on the club-scene and beyond. “Ride Like This” garnered positive feedback from industry insiders even before its official launch, setting the stage for a highly successful single that has captured the attention of A-list DJs worldwide. James Kennedy, known for his role on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, has successfully transitioned from being a bartender at SUR to becoming a prominent DJ and music producer. “Ride Like This” adds to his list of successes in the music industry and has already made waves in the club scene.

“Ride Like This” stands as a testament to the immense talent of both Vinny Vibe and James Kennedy, who have seamlessly combined their unique styles to create a track that encapsulates the very essence of club music. Fans and industry insiders eagerly await future collaborations between these two powerhouse artists as “Ride Like This” continues to spread its infectious energy on dance floors worldwide.

Dainjazone & Redfoo – “Long Live Party Rock” (Sak Noel Remix)

The party scene is about to get louder and brighter as the club-ready track, “Long Live Party Rock (Sak Noel Remix)” continues to expand its reach. With its upbeat tempo, Latin House vibes blended with Electro House and Party Rock influences, it’s no wonder this track is steadily gaining traction globally.

“Long Live Party Rock” by Dainjazone and LMFAO Member Redfoo stirred up surprise as it reached to #1 on the iTunes US Dance Chart, where it remains in the top 5. After a 6-year break from releasing music, this track marks Redfoo’s eagerly-awaited comeback, proving he hasn’t lost his touch. Additionally, the song landed at #100 on the All Genres chart. Its success isn’t limited to the US; it’s also making waves internationally, notably in Finland (#2 and #8) and Japan (#35).

Adding a spicy twist to this club anthem is the remix by Sak Noel, the Latin Grammy Nominee and multiple times Gold & Platinum certified DJ. Known for his pioneering fusion of electronic music with Latin vibes, Sak Noel, the first Spanish DJ to hit #1 on the UK Singles Chart, has released “Long Live Party Rock (Sak Noel Remix)” to his massive followership, garnering over a million impressions in just a few weeks.

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